Victoria Voge, MD – “DIMPAC smack” – confined 24 days in 1978

She was charged with determining problems but when she did she was given a career derailing smack down.

Involuntary confinement for 24 days.

I was a “rising star” in the Navy’s flight surgeon program until I was assigned as the only medical officer at the Navy’s Safety Center in 1978. The mission of my particular office was to analyze aircraft mishaps to determine medical/physiological/psychological causes and
contributing causes. At that time, alcohol, drugs, fatigue, circadian rhythm problems and the like, although very prevalent causes and contributing causes of aircraft mishaps, were not officially accepted. The line admiral for whom I worked at the Safety Center was very safety conscious. He endorsed our findings of alcohol, drug, fatigue, circadian rhythm and other medical problems as causes/contributing causes of aircraft mishaps. Our findings were widely published. The Navy hierarchy, both medical and line, became very upset. My admiral was forced to retire (fired) and I was sent to Guam for”final disposition”. Soon after arriving on Guam, I was found to have serious paranoid personality problems (the examining psychiatrist later told me he was ordered by the hospital commanding officer to make that diagnosis.

After 24 days on a “locked” psychiatric ward, with no facilities for either females or officers, I was declared not to have a psychiatric diagnosis.

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