Stephen Whitlock Smith, MD – confined 1996

Stephan Whitlock, MD Cardiologist

Stephan Whitlock, MD Cardiologist

Stephen Whitlock Smith, MD – Army whistle-blower – Medical Generals accused of violating JCAHO standards

January 27, 2000 Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission grants Dr. Smith a full medical license under whistle-blower protection provisions of state law. The Commission does not require Brigadier General Mack Hill’s signature. Hill continues to refuse to answer the letters from Quality Assurance Commission about Dr. Smith,  a physician who works for him.

The Reported Reprisal Involved the following:

  • Unlawful psychiatric hospitalization 1996 by order of then COL (Promotable) Kevin Kiley including violation of DOD Whistleblower Directives, Army Regulation 40-68, and JCAHO standards of due process. Dr Russell Hicks, telephone (253) 968-3172, current Chief of Psychiatry at Madigan, has specific knowledge of these events.
  • Failure to investigate in 1996 by LTC Michael Stearns, then COL Kiley’s former Inspector General at Landstuhl, now Brigadier General Mack Hill’s Inspector General at Madigan, telephone (253) 968-1190!
  • Unlawful use of a misrepresented psychometric test result (now reported as “never existing” by BG Hill’s Command) to place Dr Smith under credentials supervision in April 1997
  • Reprisal against one of Dr. Smith’s witnesses Ms. Kelly Theriot (Ms Theriot is one of MAMC’s former medical claims attorneys knowledgeable about a medical claim from LARMC and the practice status while at MAMC of one of the respondents
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