2003 Metropolitan Adult Edu – Support for Immigration Control

Judith Perlite

Judith Perlite

It can happen in an American classroom

In 2003, I was taking a class for a teaching credential at Metropolitan Adult Education in San Jose where teacher Judith Perlite brought up the topic of immigration in an open classroom discussion and I replied, “My job was not a fruit picking job.” Most of us know not to discuss controversial issues in the workplace, however in education there is a false sense of intellectual freedom and we are encouraged and even required to participate in multi-cultural activities and to debate hot topic issues. It is not disclosed that these discussions are really a stalking horse from behind which progressive interests, profile students & their families and mark them for a lifetime of harassment.

Surveillance and covert passive aggressive harassment

Within weeks I realized I was under some sort of surveillance both my places of work and in my personal life I was being monitored and subjected to socially engineered racial testing, baiting and provoking, The following events all happened in San Jose, California and are representative of the harassment in general as it continues to this day although it is now more frequent and aggressive since May 2010 when I began documenting and why there are no exact dates for the following events recalled from memory. The pattern that emerges is that government agencies engage mostly in ‘racial testing’ and ‘social undermining’ while non-profits and private sector organizations and universities engage in more provocative and overt harassment.

  1. Personals Ad (racial testing): A white man answered my personals ad and appeared to be querying me on race issues and if I listened to right wing radio and even going to far as to show me photos of his Filipino co-worker as we ate dinner at the King’s Head, in Campbell, CA.
  2. My residence (racial testing): A Filipeno man was seen skulking around the laundry room of my apartment complex and apparently arranged to have the Hispanic female apartment manager, who was normally a bit of a shrew, to pretext to see if I would say something rude to her if given the opportunity such as deciding she needed to get on her hands and knees to wipe the laundry floor at night…
  3. College – Metropolitan Adult Education (racial testing). In my credential classes at the instructors kept coming up with different activities that twice put me in physical contact with Hispanic adult males which I resented as being inappropriate and unprofessional.
  4. Employer – San Jose Unified School District (thwarting & social undermining): An Asian staff member who processed my application paper work acted as if she were highly suspicious of me and did not return my ID which I had to reorder. Prior to meeting with her, a woman came through the waiting room and entered the back offices, when she re-entered the waiting room she acting oddly as if she were trying subtly get my attention. I know recognize this as gas-lighting. People who do covert work for a living probably have a name for this ‘leaving their mark’ behavior to let you known they’ve messed with you in some way.
  5. Employer – San Jose Unified School District (racial testing & social undermining): At a San Jose High School, a Hispanic teacher’s assistant attempted to get me to comment on the Hispanic birth rate, to which I replied that my grandmother had had 14 children. When I commented that the blond Canadian instructor I was substituting for looked like she was in good health for six month pregnancy this was apparently given a sexual spin when retold to her causing us both awkward embarrassment.
  6. Employer – San Jose Unified School District (framing): Although Metropolitan Adult Education gave us no training whatsoever in how to handle children in a classroom, we were strongly encouraged to accept positions in special education classes. Although it was required to have a teachers assistant present at all times, I was left alone when an assistant left early and as soon as she did the kids went wild. My first calls to the office were not answered and when they finally did answer they were reluctant to send anyone. Finally the assistant principle showed up with promises of gifts if they all settled down. The Jewish principle wrote me up saying that I’d failed to handle the classroom and did not leave a report. I notified the district office about the assistant leaving and that I’d actually left a two page hand written note on yellow legal paper which I’d personally handed to the office secretary.
  7. Employer – Starbucks (harassment): When I applied for a position at a Starbucks in Cupertino, a black male and blond female who looked like they were from the corporate office engaged in subtle demeaning harassment when he got up in the middle of the interview and had me follow him around from trash can to trash can with no explanation. This was not a planned interview. I’d walked into the store and saw a sign saying their was a job fair that day. I did however call a friend to tell him were I was. This indicates that my phone calls were being monitored.
  8. Employer / personal – Manpower (harassment): My contracting agency began sending me to only miniority owned companies where I was race baited. At ForesightXP, the wife of a black engineer became abusive and threatening so I transferred her to her husband’s boss. Months after I left this company she made a harassing phone calls to my cell phone and I complained to the hospital she worked at that she’d called me from.
  9. Employer – Manpower (harassment): At another contract with a construction management firm the people supervising me engaged in demeaning harassment suggesting that the chair I’d sat in would need to be sanitized and subtle race baiting saying that Hispanic women should keep on having those babies.
  10. Public place – Whole Foods Market (framing): An elderly Jewish woman stood in line in front of me in a Whole Foods and kept looking back at me trembling in fear as if I’d done something to her. I pretended that I didn’t notice which caused her to increase the behavior that then caught the attention of the Jewish cashier, who knew me and who gave her a WTF look.
  11. Health care provider – GYN clinic (fear conditioning): I began requesting white non-Hispanic doctors. When one was not available and I agreed to be seen by a Hispanic male for a yeast infection. Yep, nothing like a hostile GYN exam…

Strong undercurrent of racism against whites

The harassment has a strong undercurrent of racism against whites. Although politics is a primary reason for the harassment, it is seems that for most of the people involved it’s an opportunity to exact their deep seeded racial hatreds in a way that is being sanctioned by the government.

Sharbat Gula 1985 and Saskia 2001

Sharbat Gula 1985 and Saskia 2001

People are harassed on the basis on their known vulnerabilities

I don’t own a business or assets. I’m a heavy-set, middle-aged woman prone to depression. My vulnerabilities are my health, emotions and family. At the time I was listed, I had a personals ad that said I wanted to meet a  man with eyes like mine, light blue with thick dark iris rings. The famous National Geographic magazine photo of Sharbat Gula, by journalist Steve McCurry, also has these rings. Most people don’t notice the rings; they focus on the color.

Targeting families

The first strike was against my son, a college student, living in Los Angeles, who was charged with a drug related offense in a bizarre case with no evidence by two people he’d never met, a Jewish man, Philip Freiberg (aka Phillip Frieberg), and a Polish woman, Jana Hocevar.  She told investigators that she recognized him because of his strange eyes. Why would a Polish woman think blue eyes are strange?

Targeting children is illustrates that the harassment is not based on political views alone, but is rooted in deep seeded hatreds. For the same reason NIH researchers also attempt to use children to provoke people, so they can lower the bar in what it takes to successfully discredit people and justify targeting them beyond the person’s political views or complaints they’ve filed (see report Asian Babies).

Is this Elaine Miller Ferrazzano - Zipped Lips

Is this Elaine Miller Ferrazzano – Zipped Lips

This photo began coming up in my general searches after I posted the photo above of my eyes. It is believed to be intended as a threat from Elaine Miller Ferrazzano. She is connected to Donald Sytsma, Phd. (see Report: Asian Babies)

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2 Responses to 2003 Metropolitan Adult Edu – Support for Immigration Control

  1. neverending1 says:

    Did this just start? You’ve been placed on a risk assessment community list, paid for by U.S. government and run by local communities. About getting a lawyer, save your money. No lawyer will help you, nor will the police; they’re all in on it. Try to ignore whatever happens to you. Whatever bothers you will become part of your gang stalking. It really has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with someone trying to get even with you by reporting you as a dangerous individual.

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