2007-11-01_Washington Works_Seattle_WA__HARASS-WORKPLACE



1.  ‘HR float’ directs workplace bullying: White co-workers engage in social undermining after attending mysterious weekly meetings with a ‘special projects’ HR float working through a non-profit agency.

2. Wild Card: A black employee with a fixation for white women is introduced as a wild card hoping to illicit complaints from me that will be used to document evidence of ‘false accusation’.

3. Wild Card at Emmanual Lutheran: The black employee was possibly the same man who organized a mutiny of a small crew of male volunteers at a food bank.

4. Unusual response to CR story: Discussing my civil rights complaint elicits unusual reactions among co-workers who’ve been directed in social undermining, compared to the general public. This story demonstrates how artificial and disturbing people behave when told something stigmatizing about someone.

Unconfirmed identities: Roleta Batiste from Washington Employers Association

PDF report –

Pleading for help from the community

Politically motivated NIH researchers are labeling non-conformists ‘hostile’ and then subjecting them to years of coercive psychological abuse via Public Health and DoJ community outreach, staffing agencies and high tech contractors; I’m begging and pleading for experienced high-level professionals in these fields to review my reports and fact check for themselves (minddrive.com, spyera.com, etc).

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