Doreen Dotan – Israeli iconoclast & activist – family gaslighted

doreen dotan

doreen dotan

Of all the TI stories out there hers sounds most similar to mine. She knows she’s being harassed and monitored because she’s outspoken and the harassment extends to her family. She takes on everything from religion, the environment to the Israeli government. Not only is she experiencing cyber-stalking, monitoring, harassment and pretexts but they’ve also been chemically exposed to something that makes their perspiration stain clothes blue. Apparently other people are reporting similar bizarreness.

Video – Survival Guide 10/13/2010

Video – 1/3 Sweating blue – 9/20/2008

Video – 2/3 Cell phone hi-jinx – 9/20/2008

Video – 3/3 Harassment of adult children and computer hacking – 9/20/2008

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