Christine Warren and Michele Rabourn (nee George)

Christine Warren and Michele Rabourn (nee George)

1. Staffing agency VP directs workplace bullying: While on contract with Microsoft’s Protocol project, I targeted was passive aggressive ‘monitoring’ by a group of female contractors.

2. Connection to my civil rights complaint: The lead woman is found to be connected to the subject of complaint I wrote to the Seattle Civil Rights Commission in 2007.
3. Harassment at workplace follows into private life: The family members of another women including her infant grandchild have been identified in multiple harassment events.

Unconfirmed identities: Christine Warren, editor; Michelle Rabourn, program manager ; Kimberly Anne Thiesen, subject of my Civil Rights complaint.

PDF report –

I need help!

I’m seeking high level professionals knowledgable in behavioral science research on stress, staffing industry practices and high-tech harassment to review and fact check my reports.

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