Joseph Steinfield and Mark Staib

Joseph Steinfield and Mark Staib

Attorneys sneer at me menacingly. In the background is a local Asian man who has spotted for other events. The are eventually identified as members of the Center for International Legal Studies which meets annually in Austria.

UNCONFIRMED IDENTITIES: Joseph Steinfield, attorney at Prince Lobel and Mark Staib, attorney in private practice.

PDF reports – 2010-08-29_Attorneys_Bellevue_WA__HARASS-RACE-INTIMIDATE

Pleading for help from the community

Politically motivated NIH researchers are labeling non-conformists ‘hostile’ and then subjecting them to years of coercive psychological abuse via Public Health and DoJ community outreach, staffing agencies and high tech contractors; I’m begging and pleading for experienced high-level professionals in these fields to review my reports and fact check for themselves (,, etc).

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