Rabbi Mordechai Farkash and Jonathan Bergstrom of Bethany

Rabbi Mordechai Farkash and Jonathan Bergstrom of Bethany Community Church

Swarms on the anniversary week of the MLK I have a Dream Speech

  1. The day started off with an entrapment attempt by Canadian Charleen Day and East Indian Chris Shadha attempting to entrap me on bias (see report Right to Represent)
  2. Then I was swarmed on the way to a German pub by pastor Ashlee Wiest-Laird of Seattle First Baptist and two black males. The MTF transgender who was the subject of my 2007 Civil Rights complaint is also a member of this church. 
  3. At the German Pub on I’m surrounded by a large group of mostly Jewish men and two black men from Media Logic, Eastside Torah and Bethany Community Church (messianic?). 
  4. The rabbi sits glowering at me with his knuckles turning white and Bergstrom sits his special guest next to me, believed to be the son of one of a Media Logic executive in Albany, NY. 
  5. As I leave the pub parked out front is one of the cars that followed me to another German pub along with an RV with a carcass box bolted to the back (see report Carcass Box).

 A large group of men follow me into a German pub and a Rabbi sits glowering at me, his knuckles turning white. Outside is parked a cherry red Cadillac with the license plate XXK that has been involved in a previous harassment with another vehicle (see Death Cars & Carcass Box)

UNCONFIRMED IDENTITIES:  Daniel Sessoms, Ken Hocker and Gabrial Garrod of Media Logic, Rabbi Mordechai Farkash of Chabad Belleuve and the Eastside Torah Center, Jonathan Bergstrom of Bethany Community Church Governance Council. Julie Wyszynski recruiter at UW (with families to Media Logic via Roman Wyszynski).

PDF report – 2010-08-31_Diebierstube_Seattle_WA__HARASS-RACE-INTIMIDATE

I need help!

I’m seeking high level professionals knowledgable in behavioral science research on stress, staffing industry practices and high-tech harassment to review and fact check my reports.

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