Richard Dahlstrom - Driving Swine to Suicide

Richard Dahlstrom - Driving Swine to Suicide

 A mysterious church with a predominately Jewish leadership and connections to the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment engages harassment events and then attempted murder after I identify them and attend one of their services to see what they’re about.

Unconfirmed identities: Sr Pastor Richard Dahlstrom and Michele Egan are likely family members of Bill Wassmuth an ex-priest who founded the National Coalition for Malicious Harassment. Pastors Scott Sund, Nancy Eckhardt, and Joe Springer. Thomas L Daniel, PhD Neurobiology at UW (aka Gregory Warren on Bethany Com. Church Gov. Council), Jonas Gushurst, facilities. Driver#1 of gold Mercedes with Washington plate A8L2504 or A0L2504 and unidentified driver#2 of white Ford Suburban?).

PDF report – 2010-11-16_Bethany-Church_Bellevue_WA__OBSTRUCT-THREAT


I need help!

I’m seeking high level professionals knowledgable in behavioral science research on stress, staffing industry practices and high-tech harassment to review and fact check my reports.

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