Bart Muller, MD (2011) and Don Sytsma (2000)

Bart Muller, MD (2011) and Don Sytsma (2000)

1. Seattle psychiatrist appears to be posing as my doctor: Filed a complaints with the State of Washington District Attorney, Department Health Systems Quality Assurance, however they declined to investigate and sent me a list of agencies that assist in resolving doctor patient conflicts.

2. Passport issues: Striking similarities between Bart Muller (Dutch immigrant) and a Media Logic director Don Sytsma (Dutch immigrant) and a connection to an NIH researcher about the same age sharing the same unusual last name Donald Sytsma (Polish-American) suggests that passport fraud might be a motivating factor in the harassment.

Unconfirmed identities: Bart Muller (Dutch); Don Sytsma (Dutch) and Donald Sytsma (Polish).

PDF report – 2011-08-09_Bart-Muller-MD_Salem_MA__OBSTRUCT-THREAT

Pleading for help from the community

Politically motivated NIH researchers are labeling non-conformists ‘hostile’ and then subjecting them to years of coercive psychological abuse via Public Health and DoJ community outreach, staffing agencies and high tech contractors; I’m begging and pleading for experienced high-level professionals in these fields to review my reports and fact check for themselves (,, etc).

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