Carina-Elsenboss-and-Allan-Glenn at Starbucks

Carina-Elsenboss-and-Allan-Glenn at Starbucks

Public Health involuntary commitment caseworker sent to my door: after I attempted to contact Bellevue Police Chief Linda Pillo to complain about officers not taking reports.   UNCONFIRMED IDENTITIES: Carina Elsenboss of Public Health; Tammy Morrill/ Merrill of Pubic Health and Allan Glenn of ComSys.


I need help!

I’m seeking high level professionals knowledgable in behavioral science research on stress, staffing industry practices and high-tech harassment to review and fact check my reports.

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2 Responses to report_Public-Health_Belleuve_WA

  1. bewee says:

    That’s not Carina Elsenboss in that picture. I know her, and that’s not her.

    • TheFairest says:

      Hi Bewee,

      Yes, that’s Carina. I’ve spoken with her on the phone and I’ve spoken to her boss and emailed them both the photo. The original was taken with an iPhone with a 7 mega pixel camera.

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