WM Zwicharowski – reported military mortuary – labeled “mentally unstable”

Mary Ellen Spera, James Parsons, and Bill Zwicharowski

Mary Ellen Spera, James Parsons, and Bill Zwicharowski

Probe:Air Force punished Dover whistle-blowers

By ROBERT BURNS, Associated Press
January 31, 2012

11/11/2011 WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal investigators have concluded that Air Force officials at the military mortuary in Dover, Del., illegally punished four civilian workers for blowing the whistle on the mishandling of body parts of dead troops.

Parsons is an embalming/autopsy technician. Two of the other whistle-blowers are Mary Ellen Spera, a mortuary inspector, and William Zwicharowski, a senior mortuary inspector. Those three told The Associated Press last November, after the scandal broke, that the Air Force had retaliated against them. Parsons said he was fired in 2010 but reinstated almost immediately. Spera and Zwicharowski said they received letters of reprimand.

Zwicharowski also said he was put on administrative leave for eight months and at one point was labeled “mentally unstable.”


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