OBSSR gets $102.2 million – that’s a lot of manipulation…

george bernard shaw

"Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power." -- George Bernard Shaw 

Behavior Change – whether you want it or not

Are Americans benefiting from ‘Behavioral Change’ research or is this activity benefiting interests seeking to manipulate and exploit us? Is psychological manipulation ultimately effective or is the change we see a facade kept in place by political correctness requiring ever more extreme social controls to keep up appearances as the communists resorted to?

The OBSSR_budget_report_2011 cost tax payers $102.2 million.

2011 Office of Behavioral Social Science and Research programs (OBSSR) millions %
DOD Department of Defense R&D $78,048 76.34%
DOD Science and Technology $12,333 12.06%
NIH Behavior and Social Science $3,668 3.59%
DOD DARPA $3,103 3.04%
NIH Basic Research $1,490 1.46%
DHS Science and Technology $1,018 1.00%
NSF Edu and Human Resources $892 .87%
DOE Department of Education $739 .72%
DOD Defense Research Sci $328 .32%
NSF Social and Behavioral Sci $269 .26%
NSF Formal & Informal Learning $248 .24%
NSF REESE $46 .04%
DHS University Programs $40 .04%
DHS Human Factors $13 .01%

Total $102,235 100.00%
fucking with people 99.28%
education 0.72%
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