Saskia’s tea party – throw Progressives from train and unhitch the Big Business Bullshit cars…

bullshit train

bullshit train

Things are definitely amiss in America. Our problems are not just financial, we are losing it on almost every front.

One upside for blue-collar workers is that now white-collar workers, who’ve never had to feel the harsh bite of in-sourcing and outsourcing, are finally getting it. In the past, people who complained of losing their jobs as a result of employers selling them out were ridiculed for being less educated and racist, but of course, educated workers were less affected so, of course, they were less resentful.

The IT situation is a deja vu of what happened in the health care industry. First it started with nurses being driven out of the industry through extreme over tasking and long hours. The resulting shortage was filled with Filipino nurses. Then the squeeze was put on doctors until they started leaving and were replaced by East Indian, Asian and South African doctors. Now the squeeze is on them with nurse practitioners and pharmacy clinics. Today medical error is the number one killer of Americans while the health industry profits are at an all time high.

Though big business claims to need foreign workers, accusing Americans of being lazy, people visiting from other westernized countries are shocked at how hard we work for meager benefits and scant vacation days. Ivory tower progressives facilitate the fraud by screaming racism and isolationist at anyone who tries to curb in-sourcing and outsourcing. Yet America is one of the most ethnically diverse countries on the planet and the third most populous. If we shut the borders tomorrow our competitive creative edge would not be at risk from inbreeding but rather from an overwhelmed and disaffected population that doesn’t invest properly in education and infrastructure. Lazy? Isolationist? What bullshit they feed us!

A multiparty system may be the only way to stop the centrifuge spin of two Olympian giants pulling apart the country sparing for power and wealth.

Media monopolies in both news and entertainment need to be broken up because they facilitate the spinners attempting to control what we think and feel about what we see and hear.

Progressive dominated social science research industry, upon which most public policy is based, needs to integrate its ranks with conservatives who, after all, have a better track record in raising children into happy, educated, productive adults. So why are progressives running that show?

Litigation as the baseball bat of social justice has not served us well. It has driven a wedge between employers and employees, educators and students, and law enforcement and civilians. It is no wonder that businesses feel no guilt in selling out American employees. When an employee goes to a therapist or women’s organization seeking help in dealing with bias at work and the only advice she gets is to ‘document’ for future litigation then we have yet another ‘character’ failure of social science.

Finally, we need to shine a bright light onto the dark issue of well-connected progressive activists and Zionists hiding behind race and social justice to target and harass people with the help of academic researchers who have reverse engineered methodologies for coping with stress to prescribe harassment against people they’ve labeled as ‘hostile’ (see Introduction).

A Conservative Democrat lost in America

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