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Assange: Facebook is CIA spying machine

For full article: Related articles Julian Assange ‘The World Tomorrow’: Episode 1 – Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah (VIDEO) ( CIA’s ‘vengeful librarians’ track Twitter, Facebook ( The Awful Truth About The Julian Assange Situation: it is not left or right, it … Continue reading

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Liberals just don’t get it.

. Decades political correctness with cult-like demands for ideological adherence has fostered a climate of taboo against intelligent debate on immigration control. Open discussions are not encouraged with the intent of exchanging ideas but as an opportunity to label people … Continue reading

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The Seattle Times flunks the First Amendment

In 2010, when I attempted to contact Seattle Times reporters to report community bullying, however when I tell them it was based on my support for immigration reform, a young woman responded with, “So, you put something negative out and … Continue reading

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Postings 1 ABOUT (36) Character referenes (2) Mission Statement (1) Opinion & observation (29) Seeking Civil Rights Attorney (1) Why I was targeted (3) 2 DIRECTORY OF AUDACITY (4) 3 POLICE REPORTS (30) entrapment – bait, provoke (8) harassment – psych abuse, gas-lighting (10) obstruction – THREATS (5) obstruction – thwart, … Continue reading

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Something fishy at NIH?

Is the NIH co-opting Christian symbolism into a government logo? In a search for connections between the NIH and religious-based non-profits, this logo came up. Images that clustered with this logo lead to the identification of Lynn Olson (see Police … Continue reading

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Silencing soft voices so the scream of extremists can be better heard

Since whites with mainstream views on immigration are aggressively harassed and stalked by liberal progressives to silence them (see How I was targeted), that leaves only extremist groups standing. Seventy percent of American citizens including Hispanics support immigration control, so why … Continue reading

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