Silencing soft voices so the scream of extremists can be better heard

behead those who insult liberals

behead those who insult liberals

Since whites with mainstream views on immigration are aggressively harassed and stalked by liberal progressives to silence them (see How I was targeted), that leaves only extremist groups standing. Seventy percent of American citizens including Hispanics support immigration control, so why are there so few mainstream groups and leaders willing to take this issue on? How did political correctness get such a choke hold on free speech?

Immigration is growing and so is frustration with open boarders. Herding internet traffic towards extremist groups and using these numbers as evidence of growing extremism is a scam for Department of Homeland Security dollars and an opportunity for elitist minority groups to exact their own racial hatreds against whites while protecting their interests in keeping the borders open.

I don’t see white supremacists marching in protest of gas-lighting and street theatre. This is a terror against the middle white America.

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