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Two pictures of evolving racial harmony

Attempts to artificially change behavior result in artificial relationships: The view that racial harmony can be measured by ‘freely’ chosen seating arrangements in cafeteria can lead to people being targeted for well-intended but coercive behavioral change programs to encourage mixed seating. People … Continue reading

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Anonymous – message to Israel

Thank you Anonymous,  for this candid, clear an sane criticism of Israel. . Related articles ACLU: FBI Used Community Outreach To Collect Information On Muslims ( Are you a prolife terrorist? Or a concerned citizen with first amendment rights? #tcot … Continue reading

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?No comprehendo the great gringo?

It seems to me that many of the same community bullies who would demonize those who support immigration reform as heartless bigots maybe calling the kettle black. These champions of social justice, where are they on the drug trade that … Continue reading

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