Two pictures of evolving racial harmony

stalking horse

stalking horse

Attempts to artificially change behavior result in artificial relationships:

The view that racial harmony can be measured by ‘freely’ chosen seating arrangements in cafeteria can lead to people being targeted for well-intended but coercive behavioral change programs to encourage mixed seating.

People don’t like being manipulated because it removes their locus of control. People who feel compelled to ensure that they are seated in mixed seating even on their lunch breaks might do so to keep the peace but overtime this will likely make them angry and resentful.

Groups forced to mix will likely sense the tension in each other and be tempted to inflict passive stress on each other. Groups with the lowest risk of being punished for this type of behavior are more likely to engage in harassment at a higher frequency. The groups compelled to suppress their anger will suffer adverse health effects at higher rates than others. Ultimately both groups have lowered quality of life by compromising their ability to decompress during the long work day and natural repulsion of manipulation will likely affect their behaviors outside of work where they might be more avoidant of diversity and more prone to engage in unkindness.

Well-intended methods to encourage diversity can also be used in a predatory fashion where groups are encouraged to engage in passive race baiting to antagonize the target to elicit reactions from that will be used as evidence of hostility and may result in corrective actions by the employer or being ‘marked’ for monitoring. How many people have ended up with negative items in their employment file as a result these nefarious behind the scenes maneuverings? The sledge hammer of discrimination lawsuits hangs over everyone’s head adding yet another layer of palpable stress.

Other measures of racial harmony:

  • 1 an 4 black men in prison.
  • There are thousands of black children in foster care unable to find permanent homes.
  • Businesses in-sourcing and out-sourcing jobs as a risk management strategy to avoid discrimination lawsuits. Seeing other companies burned affects the business climate and may contribute to employer indifference towards need to hire Americans.
  • 1 black man in the oval office. Is this like a mass collective delusional attempt to prove to ourselves we have achieved the ideal of racial harmony that we’ve bought into for so long? What’s next, Heaven’s Gate and mass suicide?
  • Parents who’ve been enlightened from their own personal experiences deciding to send their kids to private school or home school them to buffer them from liberal educators enamored with behavior change and psychological manipulation.

Positive changes to the environment make for more genuine changes in behaviors and stronger personal alliances:

Despite the unfortunate incidents during WWII where Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and we nuked them twice, race relations between our countries improved dramatically with minimal psychological manipulation. In the 1970’s Japan arose as a powerhouse in manufacturing and technology becoming a major competitor to the US.

Japan owed much of its success to the American government’s efforts in their country after WWII.  A key element of this effort was respect for their cultural and keeping efforts to heal conflict between the two countries tightly focused on business and reconstruction and allowing personal views and attitudes to evolve on their own. More people on both sides are now open to mixing socially, while there are still many still prefer not to. However we generally view each other with tremendous respect and as important and valued allies.

Measures of racial harmony:

  • In a span of 30 years most Americans went from viewing Asians as being inferior in every aspect to being in awe of everything did.
  • There was a surge in mixed race marriages and Asian adoptions.
  • They even tricked us into eating raw fish.
  • Though not foolish enough to adopt American babies, they adore Elvis.
  • Asian women pay for eye surgery to make their eyes look more American (this is going a bit overboard…).
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One Response to Two pictures of evolving racial harmony

  1. Jan Matys says:

    The truth needs to be spoken. People. educated or less educated, are not racist but everyone has natural faculty to be aware of STATISTICAL probability if something or someone might be a good or not good or dangerous or even fatal experience. STEREOTYPES are not some mean spirited, narrow minded person’s tools of discrimination but they are very useful, efficiency-helping mechanism of homo sapiens (even animals) to differentiate situation: good or bad for me? When we teach a child: Do not touch a hot oven, you might get burn, she will still try to get her fingers close enough to sense the heat, just to see if ours is just bossy directive or if there is something in it.

    Would our liberal friends tell us that the child or anyone should not be directed by a stereotype about hot ovens and give “non-discriminatory and non-biased chance” to every hot oven if it represents a danger of burning her or would such child/person be “racist” by trying to avoid touching ANY hot oven?

    Even education is a systen teaching people in sterotypes and justly so: When we smoke, PROBABILITY of lung cancer etc. multiplies, etc. etc. Driving too fast – probability of getting hurt or hurting someone also rises etc. despite the fact that one grandma smoked 2 packs a day and lived here till 95 or so and so drove 120 miles per hour from NYC to Miami w/o accident.

    We are talking about ANECDOTAL versus STATISTICAL evidence. Smart, caring, educated, responsible people learn and guide their action based on statistical evidence.

    Your example with Japanese is a good and correct one: Hurt by Pearl Harbor (for now leaving FDR etc strategy of getting us involved in WW2 aside) and then by Pacific Scene battles, massaged by war propaganda, Americans didnt have exactly positive opinion of Japanese and certainly didn’t feel sorry for those we kept, deprived of everything, in our concentration camps). But Japanese (like also by our army occupied Germans) proved thselves, both in demilitarization and ability of hard and smart work, prosperity, and suppliing the world with top quality products.

    So for decades now proud Americans clamor for value in Japanese cars, it is “in” to enjoy sushi, there is admiration for Japanese culture and high-tech, etc.

    Similar development we see now w Chinese: Look at 19th + 20th centuries: Chinese forced labor building Sacramento Valley agricultural wonder of the world, our railroads etc. Looked down upon by Americans up until recently, also due to Mao and communism. But this 4000 year civilization got it (in 1979) finally right and they are beating us in our own capitalist way, now holding $3,000 billion of dollar-based securities and occupying shelves in WalMart etc. And of course, their 24/7 restaurants are integral part of our dining out.

    It is of course, not only in California, apparent that labeling Far East Asians orv Indian Penninsula Asians “disadvantaged minority” for our college admission or government set-aside contract quotas is a nonsense as they beat 95% of majority students at any high school across the country in GPA, piano or violine competition, SAT scores, Ivy League admission rates, business accumen and hard work. Asian household in the US are now, along with Jewish, the wealthiest on average.

    And very, very few majority population parents would object when their Johny or Sue would be friends with their Asian classmates. While too many “easy going” majority Moms feel that Tiger Mom might be an excess, they certainly wish their lazy kids would make them proud as those Asian kids do.

    So, where it leaves liberal cry about “stereotypes” “racism” and the need for social engineering at any cost?

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