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What makes liberals so hostile?

Thomas Kamarck In a search for answers on Thomas Karmarck’s motives for targeting immigration reform supporters with abusive human subject research, and how it is possible for so many people to be involved. My exploration began with the curious use … Continue reading

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To die for – the politics of ‘hostility’

Are researchers using the stigmatizing label ‘hostile’ rather than ‘highly stressed’ to target involuntary human research subjects with abusive research methodologies. Of course, if people are going to do something like this they are not going to select from their … Continue reading

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White flight or Progressive flight?

Are white families choosing to home school based on race or they shielding their children from the coercive psychology of liberal activism and fosters hostility and indifference towards whites, particularly when they fail to affirm and validate. How did Progressives … Continue reading

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Department of Defense’s Technosocial Predictive Analytics Initiative

Over the past decade, surveillance technology has become a booming business driven primarily by the billions of dollars pouring into Homeland Security each year to prevent terrorism. surveillance has evolved from simply monitoring for criminal behavior to attempt to predict … Continue reading

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Is the Defense Health Program sabotaging Border Control?

During my research into Media Logic, a government contractor that has repeatedly harassed and attempted to entrap me, I found that for the past several years they’ve received over $480,000 in government grants, most recently from the Health Defense Program. … Continue reading

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Coercive Liberal Behavioral Science

Coercive psychology, is used by cults to enforce ideological purity. The tactics involve isolating members and the use of covert manipulation and abuse to keep members in check. Why covert? Because cults attempt to draw in members by portraying themselves … Continue reading

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