Coercive Liberal Behavioral Science

Coercive psychology, is used by cults to enforce ideological purity. The tactics involve isolating members and the use of covert manipulation and abuse to keep members in check. Why covert? Because cults attempt to draw in members by portraying themselves in a positive light. New members are shown a friendly face and treated graciously. Intensive coercion emerges when members question or attempt to leave the group. As a teenager, Catholic nuns attempted to keep me in the fold by telling me that non-Christians were fair game in God’s eyes. What happened to the love?

Members who question or who attempt to leave the group are viewed with hostility, because they threaten to expose the group’s weaknesses and secrets and they may even fear exposure might lead to sanctions by the community.

In the US, people in the entertainment media, behavioral science and education share a predominately liberal world view. However the Pew Research Institute has found that conservatives have a better track record raising productive and happy adults. So how did liberals come to be so over represented in this field? Why are liberals driving the direction of research and public policy?

What’s the problem? Well, more and more, of our free speech is being suppressed not by government censorship but by coercive psychology coming at us from all directions. People who do not support liberal agendas in ‘spirit’ and in practice or who even fail to ’emote properly’ are quickly stigmatized and ostracized, as we saw happen to Juan Williams, who was fired for saying traditional Arab garb seen at Airports made him nervous after 9/11. NPR even attempted to publicly discredit and humiliate him by suggesting he see a psychiatrist.

Working with Public Health, schools regularly ‘surveillance’ student’s views in ‘open’ classroom discussions on hot topic issues and report non-conformists of liberal ideology as being ‘hostile’. Public Heath has networks throughout the community, particularly with employers and non-profits. Families become targeted with social undermining, baiting, provoking and attempts to entrap on bias. Government high tech vendors with DHS credentials, like Media Logic in Seattle  facilitate this abuse with electronic monitoring of private communications.

Did you know there are currently only 5 states in the US where it is not illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee for their political views? California, Colorado, Montana, New York, and South Dakota. Employers who fail to acquiesce to allowing their employees to be monitored by EAPs are told that they are at high risk of litigation should the targeted employee ‘victimize’ a co-worker particularly when they’ve been warned of a potential threat. The employer likely does not realize that these programs are actually not passive but predatory schemes to abuse and particularly by groups who not only are attempting to thwart opposition to liberal agendas, such as blocking immigration reform, while keeping a low profile but who also use the opportunity to covertly exact deep seeded racial hatreds while getting paid to for their efforts. In fact, once a covertly embedded EAP is established in the workplace, there is nothing stopping them from also targeting other workers.

Text books are filled with social psychology are pushing out traditional canons. The yet the ‘Care Bear’ generation is currently experiencing an epidemic of bullying with child suicide are on the rise. While women who’ve chose to home school their children are accused of inherent racism. How much of this is about race and how much of it about parents wanting to protect their children from the hostile indifference of liberals towards whites.

We are told these changes are liberating for all, yet we have the largest prison population in the world and suicide rates for white women is up 18% in the past decade even though in times of war, these rates typically go down for all groups.

People engaged in coercive psychology prefer to use it on women, no doubt because they are less likely to get punched. While men are more likely to be the targets of organized entrapment by people they don’t know.

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One Response to Coercive Liberal Behavioral Science

  1. Jan Matys says:

    I found your article on racial harmony (illustrated on an example of Japanese whom American now admire) useful as it was on-mark and I made a longer comment on it in support of your argument. But I would suggest that you tone down your clearly obsessive attack on anything you happen to put a stamp of “liberal”. Why? Because it is too often off mark in order to be of use.

    BTW: Do you like or value Fox News? Glenn Beck, the self-educated man?
    Do you think that political correctness, multi-culti, or even our affirmative action are inventions of the left? I believe – looking at the evidence – that they are tools of the ruling class to ensure social peace, avoid riots and burning of property, all that at expense of the middle class (as usually is the case). Our ruling class are no patriots, as we can see not only in job outsourcing or their tax heaven “optimalization” of taxes.

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