Is the Defense Health Program sabotaging Border Control?  - Defense Health Program map – Defense Health Program map

During my research into Media Logic, a government contractor that has repeatedly harassed and attempted to entrap me, I found that for the past several years they’ve received over $480,000 in government grants, most recently from the Health Defense Program. Charleen Day of Media Logic participated in a harassment event with a group of NIH researchers connected to the NIH Pittsburgh Mind-Body program. Is this a funding link between the two agencies? Is Media Logic facilitating   electronic monitoring and scheduling ‘frequent and prolonged’ harassment against people to facilitate research on hostility and cardiovascular health that will also contribute to the development of technology devices for Project Hostile Intent?

The map above shows that contracts for these programs are primarily going to states with the highest border control issues. Could this explain the numerous reports of people being targeted with electronic harassment and covert harassment by organized groups in the workplace and community with ties to Public Health and NIH researchers? Are contractors and researchers with conflicting personal politics  involved in Health Defense Programs sabotaging border control and support for immigration reform? Is there a correlation between states with the most Health Defense Program funding and heart attack and suicide rates for white women? Why women, because they are more likely to suppress their anger and making it harder to detect by imaging gadgets at airports, etc. and their health is more adversely affected from suppressing anger than men.

DHS programs, research and products all share the goal of protecting citizens form domestic threats by individuals and groups. Presumably, these programs, research and products have to be tested on people and groups of people.

  • Le Resistance: using programs, research and technology in counter productive ways. For example, Behavioral Medicine researchers with conflicting political interests using the stigmatizing label ‘hostile’ rather than ‘highly stressed’ in cardiovascular research. This reduces resistance for them to target members of the public with harassing research and passive aggressive community intervention programs that they’ve helped design and implement to suppress political dissent in the name of protecting the well-being of the community from the unhealthy affects of ‘hostile’ individuals.
  • Agent provocateurs: race-baiting, provoking and entrapping  people who support immigration reform to generated evidence of ‘hostile intent’ and the general perception of a correlation between support of immigration reform and racism.
  • PsyOps: using manipulated technology and research data to manipulate the public’s perception of social justice, and fomenting hostility towards those who support for immigration reform as being social unjust and the perception that American creativity would be in peril despite the fact that we already are the third most populous country in the world and the most culturally diverse.
  • Boys will be boys: Harassing the public may be a cheap way to test products and theories in an industry with very little oversight and lots of road blocks to shield itself from public scrutiny or legal redress. Even if not politically motivated it’s not likely that even asocial people are going to harass their own affinity group when other options exist. In the US the demographics of most people reporting covert harassment appear to be mostly white, not Hispanic, not Jewish. However, I’ve discovered a very credible woman in Israel whose personal story of harassment of herself and her family is very similar to what I’ve experienced (see my YouTube playlist for Doreen Dotan). In Israel is not interested
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