Department of Defense’s Technosocial Predictive Analytics Initiative

Technosocial Predictive Analytics Initiative (TPAI)

Technosocial Predictive Analytics Initiative (TPAI)

Over the past decade, surveillance technology has become a booming business driven primarily by the billions of dollars pouring into Homeland Security each year to prevent terrorism. surveillance has evolved from simply monitoring for criminal behavior to attempt to predict the rise of criminal groups based on traffic interests and communications. PsyOps is being employed to attempt to curb undesired social trends that lead to extremism.

The people working on government funded technology and behavioral sciences also have their own agendas from simply want to harass an enemy or thwart the competition to attempting major social changes from reinventing government to reinventing religion and culture by manipulating their browser searches and communications, or even harassing them with street theater to provoke ‘hostile’ reactions, they are able to demonstrate that people with x views are hostile and likely to engage in hostile acts.

Organizations that allow thought policing software like MindWare into their IT systems, have no real control over what data is gathered and are exposing their employees and themselves to the very real possibility of being listed for covert fair game harassment.

The news media reports that the domestic surveillance industry is vast with little oversight for the with over 400,000 civil and contract workers. The Civil Rights and Civil Liberties division has assigned on six people to monitor ethics violations. Yet despite all the warning of potential abuses, there are no reports of actual abuses except by childhood bullies and domestic violence stalkers. This defies human nature.

The following technologies are those which are most likely involved in harassment specific to the my situation.

Technosocial Predictive Analytics Initiative (TPAI)

DESCRIPTION:  combine expertise from the natural and social sciences, and enable its modeling algorithms with ancillary capabilities aimed at procuring knowledge inputs and enhancing cognitive access. Cognitive enhancement enables the user to interact with the outcomes of the modeling process (i.e., predictions) so as to determine what matters and what can be influenced productively.

SIGNIFICANCE: Deeply connected interest groups with motivations contrary to national security are sabotaging technology research and funding aimed at human behavior analysis intended to protect and defend Americans and instead are using it to wage a covert domestic terrorism campaign against people who support immigration reform.

People are being profiled for their support for immigration reform and then subjected to passive aggressive monitoring that attempts to bait, provoke and entrap on racism. Angry backlashes as a result of this harassment is then used to demonstrate a generalized correlation between support for immigration reform with ‘hostile’ personality types.

For more information on human profiling and behavior modification technologies see:

DHS –  Human Factors/Behavioral Sciences Projects.

DOD – Technosocial Predictive Analytics Initiative (TPAI)

Recent US Patents on Subliminal Behavior Modification through TV and computers, etc.

The following list of technologies are correlated to the harassment I’m experiencing.

Software: MindDrive – profiling for non-conformity in the workplace

Using cutting-edge technology, our software gathers information which will allow managers to gain insights into employee engagement, impact of programs, and to discover trending patterns in employee sentiment with no organizational downtime and no employee stress related to surveys and questionnaires. 

MindDrive strategic intelligence solutions allow a company to:

  • proactively manage corporate culture;
  • assess company-wide employee attitudes, stress levels, and job satisfaction;
  • align the mission of divisions, departments, and management levels;
  • track change and update assessments at the push of a button.

SIGNIFICANCE: MindDrive is a client of Media Logic whose employees have been photographed involved in numerous harassment events including crossing state lines. MindDrive has developed its technology in partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Technosocial Predictive Analytics Initiative (TPAI).



Hardware: Mindware – measuring cardiovascular responses to visual and audio cues

The MindWare Psychophysiology Lab System is a totally integrated, customized solution that provides a turnkey approach to all of your psychophysiological laboratory needs. Elizabeth Vella, PhD  attended workshops for this software company. 

  • Mobile Lab, is designed for field research using two professional mobile field cases containing all equipment needed for most psychophysiology studies.
  • Premium Audio/Video System combines the high fidelity capabilities
  • Stimulus Response System provides the capability of presenting audible or visual stimuli to a subject as well as recording their responses.  In addition to stimulus presentation, subjects can be queried using many assessment tools including questionnaires or pre-recorded audio files.
SIGNIFICANCE: an NIH researcher identified in harassment has taken workshops using this software.

keeping sweet

keeping sweet

Hardware: MALINTENT – infrared cameras – profiling emotions

A technological system that was developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to be implemented for detection of potential terrorist suspects. The system does various test scanning for elevated blood pressure, rapid heart and breath rate, and non-verbal cues. According to the scientists, the MALINTENT system uses a barrage of non-invasive sensors and imagers to detect and evaluate a person’s facial expressions to gauge whether he or she could be planning to commit an attack or crime. In its current development, it can recognize seven primary emotions and emotional clues and will eventually have equipment which can analyze full body movement, an eye scanner and a pheromone-reader. If the sensors pick up anything considered alarming, analysts can decide whether to subject a person to questioning.

SIGNIFICANCE: This technology could be used in combination with Mindware  field kits to facilitate unethical human subject research by politically motivated Behavioral Medicine researchers

hair cortisol

hair cortisol – blue

Biology: Hair follicle stress test

The hair on your head is dead, but its follicle, or root, is alive. Substances like cortisol, which get released into the bloodstream when you’re stressed, can seep into the follicle from the tiny blood vessels in the skin of the scalp. As the hair grows, traces of cortisol get trapped in the shaft, providing a way for researchers to measure the hormone over time. Because hair grows about 0.4 inches (1 centimeter) per month, most people have many months’ worth of records of cortisol levels sitting on top of their heads. Previous measures of cortisol in blood or urine could record only a few hours’ or days’ worth of the hormone.

“[Hair] tells me what happened to you in the last 10 months,” study researcher Gideon Koren, a professor of pediatric medicine and toxicology at the University of Western Ontario, told LiveScience. “I can even see how things change monthly.”

SIGNIFICANCE:  enables researchers to covertly test the accuracy of technologies being developed to read emotions. The University of Pittsburgh is involved in a pilot program develop a hair follicle test for cortisol, a stress hormone. Several researchers connected to the  Thomas W Kamarck’s team have been identified in harassment. see Kamarck’s research

Hardware: SpyEra – Cell phone surveillance software


Once a smart phone has been hacked with applications from companies like SpyEra, then all your communications can be monitored including email, text, calls, location, location history, address book and calendars with subscribers receiving instant copies or a daily digest.  Telephone conversation can be transcribe with apps like Dragon Transcription and also emailed. These stalkers can then engage in covert harassment of targets were ever they go. By casually dropping hints that a person’s privacy has been violated, harassers covertly inflict psychological distress and vexation.

Note: to hack your cell phone, it must be first ‘jailbroken’. If you believe your cell phone has been hacked, search online for instructions on how to ‘un-jailbreak’ your make and model of phone and replace the SIM card. Your wireless store will provide one free of charge.

SIGNIFICANCE: A man telephones me posing as a volunteer for an immigration support group. A trace of the call brings up a web page of a man who username is ‘phracker’ someone who hacks cell phones. He matches the photo of  a man my notes describe as possibly attempting to hack my cell phone (see report Phracker for WIFR

NLP aversion therapy

NLP aversion therapy

Software: Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP)  

DESCRIPTION: considered a pseudo science of that attempts to reprogram thoughts by rephrasing how they speak or streaming positive or negatively images. Associated with aversion therapy used to cure homosexuals.

SIGNIFICANCE: Charleen Day of Media Logic in WA has an advanced degree in Neuro-linguistic programming in which the ability to mind drive is a common theme. Day was cc’d on an email from Media Logic to me used in an attempt to entrap (see report Right to Represent).

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