White flight or Progressive flight?

Girls bullying

Girls bullying

Are white families choosing to home school based on race or they shielding their children from the coercive psychology of liberal activism and fosters hostility and indifference towards whites, particularly when they fail to affirm and validate.

How did Progressives end up down this path? What is driving this? Where does this all or nothing demand for ideological purity come from? What’s really galling is that the people who seem to be pushing this the hardest are not so pure behind closed doors. This all or nothing push for ‘open’ for the sake of ‘open’ no matter what the consequences is reckless, destructive and asinine. In whose interest is this? Who is benefiting from this?

I’ve been a life long democrat and have voted for most of the bleeding heart liberal policies for most of my adult life. However, since the mid 1990’s I’ve come to realize that I’ve helped create a monster.

Do you protect your child from progressive hostility?

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