Violent flash mobs, told you so….

As part of their efforts to detect early terrorist cells, DoJ civil right’s community outreach efforts extend to families including minor children. The outreach is primarily focused on families involved in religious based non-profits. Besides being taught to be aware of terrorists cells they engage in covert social justice activities aimed at people against whom allegations of bias have been made.

People from staffing agencies are also included to provide guidance because they are trained in surveillance pretexting as part of their jobs to test employees for bias, harassment or disloyalty to the employer, etc. The families and recruiters selected for these activities are all upstanding members of the community whose character can withstand the scrutiny of a court room. They adults will generally all have degrees mostly in psychology, sociology, or divinity.

To avoid the appearance of conspiracy to entrap, groups of people from different religious based non-profits and a staffing agency approach the person, coming from different cars and different directions. One or two people attempt to covertly bait or provoke them into responding in a way that confirms whatever it is they’ve been accused of.  Other people in the group serve as bystander witnessess should charges be brought against the person.

The first social flash mob was organized by Bill Wasik in 2003, the same year that DHS began receiving funding. I believe that flash mobs were thought up to help the thousands of people the were going to begin being trained in covert activities to associate them with something fun rather than something sinister, like the East German Stasi.

By involving so many people in these activities including children, there is no way to keep this genie in the bottle. The brainchild of these tactics is believed to be NIH researchers at the Pittsburgh Universities Mind-Body Center. So it’s no wonder that the the violent teen mobs are centered in that area or that they are specifically targeting whites.

When people like, myself uncover these programs, we are at grave risk for our lives and our freedom.

Have you witnessed harassment flash mobs?

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