Reporting harassment – WARNING !!!



My attempts to confront or report harassment have been responded to with death threats and threats of involuntary confinement (see reports on threats).

If you are considering reporting harassment for the first time, avoid alerting harassers to you intentions with your personal computer, electronic calendars or phones. For further information see Fighting Back. Document the abuse in private using pen and ink. Don’t attempt to photograph or record anything with a smart phone. Don’t store files on a computer that is connected to the internet or which syncs to a Cloud.  Refer to the Tor Project for guidance in communicating and browsing securely without be tracked. Also consider using operating systems like Ubuntu which enables you go online without being detected.)

Once you have submitted reports, be ready to document backlash harassment. Take photographs of anything suspicious. You can always delete images that turn out to be nothing. Once you begin to document them they will try to use this against you by trying to make it look like you are stalking them. For example don’t take a photo of a license plate unless the car is parked very nearby.

Certified mail: If I had it to do over again I would have written a hard copy letter and sent it certified to local law enforcement and other reporting agencies.

Keep it simple: Consider only filing a report about just one or two recent incidents even if this has gone on for years. You need to get an report number to refer when seeking legal help or restraining orders. If you are lucky enough to get an investigative ball rolling you can always say, well looking back… maybe some of these other incidents were connected to this group… write your own statement in your own words. Try to keep it between 500-1000 words or less.

Doing a mental: Once they known you’re cognizant that the harassment is organized they will begin ‘doing a mental’ on you with gas-lighting and then numbers of people involved will go through the roof, etc. Then no one will believe you and no one will take your reports. So report while things are still under control. 

Read up on Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning. If you know what they are doing it is easier to distance yourself from it by objectively examining their behavior as if you would with an incorrigible teenager.

Data file delays: If you suspect your phone is being monitored, take it to your wireless company and ask them to check the data file download rate. There should be only momentary delays. If they find that the delays are longer it means your emails are being held for review somewhere. Another symptom is not receiving emails sent to yourself on a Friday night until the late morning or afternoon on Monday because the person in charge of monitoring them has gone home for the weekend… Note the people at the phone store have very limited knownledge about hacking and it’s not in their company’s interest to hire more expensive people to deal with it yet alone acknowledge their is a problem.

Sympathetic ear: talk to people with computer science degrees. They’re the only ones that are going to believe you. An they think its cool to look at your phone and computer to try to figure it out.

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  3. julie hagberg says:

    Could the person who wrote this contact me. Im going thru this.

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