Alert! Liberal jargon update – ‘open’ is now ‘nice’

nice pig

nice pig

In the end, liberal marketing efforts to pair the word ‘open’ with open mindedness and enlightenment to refer to themselves failed with people it instead associating it with cynical jokes about liberals being so open their brains fell out.

Now that liberals have thrown in the towel on ‘open’ and the new word of choice is ‘nice’.

‘Nice’, I suppose is a compliment to the use curious use of ‘hostility’ in behavioral sciences to mean anyone who opposes one’s views or makes cynical jokes at the expense of liberals (see To die for – the politics of ‘hostility’). I predict that liberals will have even less success with the word ‘nice’ than they did with the word open and as more and more people are find themselves down the rabbit hole, no doubt ‘nice’ will inevitable become a euphemism for disgust, much like Jackie Kennedy used it when responding to the unwelcome innuendo’s of Lyndon Johnson that were captured on White House phone taps.

Perhaps this is not such a new trend and I’ve only noticed since moving away from the Seattle area where I may missed the nice tree for the haunted forest of covert community bullying. How nice…

Are liberals nice or are they just looking to exploit resources at the expense of others?

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