Get the message…

get the message

get the message

It’s important to understand that when community activists directed by behavioral science researchers use gas-lighting and street theater they are using Classical Conditioning to send you a message and they need to confirm that you’ve received it. If you don’t get it they will persist until it’s clear to them that you do get it. This can be used to your advantage.

What harassment??? You can confirm a harassment event to yourself by pretending you don’t notice because you’re too involved in a book or sit down facing another direction. To get your attention they will either increase the intensity of the behavior and/or attempt to position themselves within your line of vision.

The more overt you can make their behaviors the better your digital recording of the event will be and maybe even someone else will take notice. For example: I ignored an eccentric man while texting which caused him to shimmy almost into my table. Still pretending to be oblivious I got inline behind a woman I suspected was spotting for him. This forced her to turn 180 degrees around to face me to confirm if I’d finally noticed the show he was putting on. When she did I took a good photo of her. Also try to get an image of their car and plate  (see POLICE REPORTS Drag Queen).

Ultimately, I use cross-referencing information to confirm if an event was an intended harassment event directed at me or just someone acting stupid in general. There are a several events where people were identified months, even years later (see Identification process)

Children of the corn: In a large swarm it doesn’t matter that they are all just standing around not doing or saying anything to you. If you get the feeling that you are on their radar, then video will capture behavioral tells as well. Walk the room your cell phone in hand and a smile and casually video each and every person in the room including the wall flowers. If any one asks, tell them you’re videoing for art project, smile…

Then go home and check your photo history to see if they’ve ever been present at other events.

To organize these events they have to communicate with each other. Even if they can manipulate technology to hide their tracks, if these stories ever make it into the news, people in the community will know what these people are about and who their connections are. There are just too many people involved for this to be a very well kept secret (see POLICE REPORTS  Diebierstube and Butler and friends).

Identifying stalkers in your organization: groups with ties to government harassment programs require participants to be upstanding members of the community with least a BA in psychology, divinity or social work. Before they can actually engage with targets verbally. Psychology degrees are held by 95% of the people I’ve identified. If the educational requirement is not met then they can only engage in supportive roles, non-verbal gas-lighting or surveillance.

As I’m a known target of intense interest, if I enter your organization and you see a cluster around me of people that aren’t regular members, take note.

  1. First contact: these are people in positions of first contact with people coming into your organization. At Westminster Chapel an eccentric woman known to hang out in the lobby and greet people of the large church had a handful of potential gas-lighting props to handout to would be helpers quickly moved to the far end of the room when I reached for cell phone to snap a photo of her. Her image also turned up in a video of a large swarm (see Goofy’s photo in POLICE REPORTS Butler and Friends

    Get the message – street theater

    Mr Butler and friends).

  2. Faux members: I was followed into St Katherine’s Eastern Orthodox church by Jennifer Gorovitz of CEO of the Jewish Federation and Diane Travis director of women’s ministries at Bethany Community Church. By the way they approached me I thought they were greeter members, however a comment from the real greeter confirmed they weren’t. Although the senior pastor seemed unaware of what was going on, a gay priest and a female choir member who sat with us were. (see POLICE REPORTS St Katherine’s)
  3. GPS: Check to see if your organization shows up on different GPS phones. If someone isn’t seeing your organization on the map is the same happening on all phones or just theirs.  (see POLICE REPORTS Grace Bible Church).
  4. Austrian Patriot and Militia man: after pointing out Richard Dahlstrom’s trips to Austria to teach at a bible school, I was approached at a Republican meeting by two blond Jews. The man told me he was a of Austrian and a member of a militia. In the days that followed the woman made dogged attempts to befriend.

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