Identification process



First time around

Because of trust issues, covert networks tend to be closely tied to people in leadership and to run in families. Leaving no stone unturned in following these connections has led to my being able to identify many people. Watch for both family names and physical resemblances even if the names don’t match.

If you’ve been harassed at work this is the best place to start looking for connections outside the work place. For example harassing employees may also belong to the same church where others members can be identified. The co-workers and family of these other members can then been reviewed for more identifications.

  • Always check out co-workers, non-profit affiliations and family connections for each person you can identify.
    • Capture URL address for each image.
    • Capture images of all co-workers and family members found in the event they appear at a future event.
    • If an image search cluster appears that hints at connections or aliases take a screen capture of the search cluster results including the terms used that brought up the search.
  • First time you identify people, capture all their information including URLs. People change their photos over time and if they you’ve identified them they may restrict viewing of their websites or change to the photo to something obscure. If you have the URL you’ll know you have the right person. Also to hide, they may generate 50 or more FaceBook accounts with the same name, so having the original URL crucial.

Unidentified people

Google your local community for face images and pay special attention to images that come up in clusters.

  • Civil Rights law firms (attorneys, paralegals, administrative assistants)
  • Churches/Temples (leadership and staff).
  • Senior level employees with or recruiting or creative services listed on their resume.


  • Enlarge photo in browser before taking screen capture using Ctrl+ minus/plus keys.
  • Use PRTSC button to capture a shot of the screen and paste into a drawing application such as MS Paint.
  • Saving as JPEG will ensure good quality at a reasonable size and ease of uploading.
  • Create collages of families and co-workers and events.
  • Create collage of people at events.

Avoiding the appearance of conspiracy

Considerable efforts are made to avoid appearance of a conspiracy or any reasonable connection between people. Don’t discount out of state connections of either family members or activists who may have once lived and worked in the area or who travel to the area on business. Many people seek opportunities to volunteer while on vacation. People who work for non-profits may use their ‘social justice‘ activities’ to write off expenses. Don’t discount the audacity of white collar immigrants being used to harass people. Media Logic wants to take their ‘vision’ global. Immigrants are being taught that this is how America deals with social justice issues. Anything that might seem like a bit of a stretch, is something you should stop and take a second look at.

Identifying other potential targets

  • People who’ve voiced opinions on immigration, race, etc. that are contrary to Liberal ideology
  • People who’ve ever filed a complaint reverse discrimination complaint.
  • People who’ve ever filed a complaint about liberal policies that foster racial conflict.
  • People who’ve been accused of bias on the job.
  • are their children, family, friends been affected? Are they telling odd stories?
  • have they been accused of crimes by strangers
    • are they experiencing gas-lighting based on classical conditioning
    • are they experiencing gas-lighting by strangers who approach in a friendly manner then say something snubbing
    • are they experiencing street theater intended to bait and provoke to entrap
    • are they experiencing street theater scripts based on recent private communications (email, internet postings, texting, phone calls, in person conversations that took place in proximity of a cell phone.)
    • do they feel that the harassment seems to be intended to cause psychological unsettlement?
    • do the harassers appear to be mostly professionally employed upstanding citizens or neighborhood vigilantes?
Litigation Beneficiaries
  • Because alleged ‘victims’ of the targeted person may potentially benefit from harassment litigation, it is highly likely that they have some connection to the network.
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