recruiting individuals



Socially engineered pretexts are legitimate tool used by under-cover investigators and human resources departments to confirm allegations of bias or wrong doing against a person. However, this tool can be used unethically to entrap and/or to inflict psychological torment.

Information known about the person’s interests is used as a ruse to approach them in a public place and chat the up Technologies like SpyEra and twitter facilitate these activities (see police reports).

Social justice stalkers use these methods in a predatory fashion. Approaching the target in groups of 2-3, they bait, provoke or attempt to entrap them usually on issues of race. One person stands aside to serve as a witness against the target should the police become involved.

These methods are also use to psychological abuse people. Using a software application like, a target’s private communications, phone calls and online activities within the past 24 hours are gleaned for tidbits of information to approach the person and cause psychological unsettlement.

For example, if you emailed about sewing patterns for 1940’s aprons the night before, then someone will approach you the next day in a public place and chat about 1940’s aprons. This would give most people mental pause. If this happened several times a week it would cause you psychological distress and vexation, in other words stress. Doing this everyday causes frequent and prolonged stress that dramatically increases your risk for sudden death from cardiovascular events or stroke (see Pretext Scripts and Police Reports).



This video by the History Channel show how easy it is to get strangers to participate in a pretext.

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