Mind games: Fear Conditioning and Gas-lighting

Comrade Regina and transitioning prints

Kelsey Creek Starbucks in Bellevue, WA. Comrade Regina ‘presenting’ and transitioning prints.

Bob Davis, MediaLogic.com 2008 with original label

Bob Davis, photo uploaded 2008 with original label

Fear Conditioning and Gas-lighting: a form of psychological abuse that uses experimental psychology methodologies such as Classical Conditioning, Fear Conditioning and Operant Conditioning. It involves a pairing audio or visual cues [the color red] to things meaningful to a target until the target is conditioned to recognize and anticipate the cues as signalling something paired with them as being intended for their attention (food, hand signal, object, mocking behaviors, provocative statements).

In fear conditioning the cue is matched with both threats and non-threats until the cue by itself triggers an observable startle reflex (prolonged motionless watchfullness, in-other-words a head turning double-take). The color red maximizes physiological reflexes and facilitates fear conditioning. However any striking bright color can be used to in a similar fashion. Threat patterns can also be employed such as prison jumpsuit colors and patterns (orange and stripes). For more information and worksheets see PsyOps.

When the goal is to bring into question the person’s sanity and/or induce a mental break, then especially juvenile, catty and petty tactics are used.  These events are carefully designed to not draw the attention of bystanders or to indicate anything amiss if captured on a security video. They are inane and embarrassing for the Target to talk about and they are not likely to report them until pushed to extremes. According to publications by researchers identified in the abuse, supressing anger trying to ignore this type of when inflicted o a frequent and prolonged basis is highly toxic to ones cardiovascular system, particularly for women. See sample scripts and Directory of Audacity.

Because the events involve mimicking something about the Target (private  communications, wardrobe, recent purchase), any evidence they have inevitably points back to themselves and so even if Targets are able to document the abuse it is easy enough to portray the them as having an over active imagination or of having mental health issues. See To Catch a Stalker

People who are attacked in this way find it very difficult to get help even by people who believe them  because they too fear having their judgment questioned. See Down the Rabbit Hole

Sensitizing to Red:

The following narrative describes how the sensitizing to red program used condition me to recognize visual cues over a period of about 10 days. Once this program was initiated virtually all harassment events have involved some form of mimicking without or without visual cues.

On May 30, 2010, I attempted to reach out for help for the first time and by emailing the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) to inquire if they had members reporting covert harassment. FAIR didn’t respond however seven days later I was approached in by a well dressed businessman later identified as Bob Davis of Media Logic in Seattle, who followed me around a Trader Joe’s market in Redmond. When I asked him if he needed assistance he replied cryptically, “I’ve found what I’ve been looking for” then mysteriously walked away. Although Redmond has it’s own police department, outside the store were two Seattle Police cars with the officers standing beside them chatting idly. This cryptic statement, itself a form of gas-lighting, marked the beginning of the program.


stock photo

That week two different Hispanic women began parking near the Larson Lake bicycle trail that I traveled every morning (mimicking my flexible schedule times) to the Kelsey Creek Center Starbucks. One or the other would appear on the trail with a red flower held to her cheek and turn glancing at me with a smile at me as I passed (color). This happened in both in morning and late afternoon within 50′ to 100′ of the Lake Hills club parking lot (odd/puzzling events). On the third day I stopped my bicycle and looked back at her (cognizant). After this I never saw them again.


stock photo

During the same time period, a woman began showing at Starbucks (mimicking my flexible schedule times) wearing cotton skirts of the same cut with silhouette prints that transitioned over the days from mostly black to half/half and finally all red (color). Every day she sat with her back towards the entrance reading a book with her husband sitting opposite facing the door. As I passed she’d turn around and smile almost as if she were going to say something then turn back (odd/puzzling behaviors).  On the 10th day she opened her coat wide putting her hands behind her for maximum effect accompanied by an unfriendly look (threat presentation). I took her photo as she passed me (cognizant). After this she was not ever seen wearing these skirts again and she went back to her normal attire.

Since this time, all harassment events include elements gas-lighting based on mimicking paired with visual cues.

On August 2010, recruiters from Media Logic attempted to attempted entrap me on a Right to Represent agreement. Research into this obscure company led to the identification of Media Logic director, Bob Davis

Larson Lake, Bellevue, WA (2010)

Larson Lake, Bellevue, WA (2010)

For more information see my worksheets on Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning

Police Report: Bob Davis

YouTube playlist for  gas-lighting with red

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