Are NIH researchers guilty of race-baiting for profit?

medieval mask

medieval mask

Are NIH researchers acting as agent provoatueurs for the psych drug market in the same way arms dealers have been known to attempt to drive conflicts that will bring them more business. Are researchers abusing the public and financing this abuse by misrepresenting their activities as intended to benefit community health and promoting social justice when in reality they are doing is driving biased research and public policies to foment and exploit racial conflict.

White people are more likely to have insurance. Women are more likely than men to go to doctors particularly therapists. Driving up social conflict and unhappiness drives up pharmaceutical sales. During times of war the suicide rate typically goes down for all groups, however in the past decade the suicide rate for white women has gone up 18 percent.

Is there a correlation between the deaths of these women and their politics or types of complaints they may have filed?

Have you witnessed policies that foment racial conflict then stigmatize those who report being adversely affected?

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