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directors chair

Media Logic’s role appears to be similar to that of a movie production company. Working as a vendor for government agencies such as King County they can engage in activities government employees are prohibited from. As vendor they might not be legally required to document fully and may help buffer people from being identified as responsible parties (See Wiki-leaks article on SpyFiles). They are a high tech company with expertise in data storage, profiling, wireless telecommunications and industrial GPS tracking technology. Their VP is a transportation executive with DHS credentials who likely can travel at will and is able to gain access and acquiescence from people in leadership positions. Their sister companies have skills in marketing and creating convincing alternate identities with complimentary online presence. Media Logic has a stated mission to harass those deemed have not ‘resolved’ diversity issues. They have the means and motive to carry out every aspect of the harassment I’ve described.:

The ‘Next Wave’ of technologists benefits corporations
that realize diversity issues in the workplace must be resolved
face continued litigations and deteriorating public image.
– Media Logic

The following is my best estimate of how social justice harassment is organized and funded. This speculation is based on statements and actions by Media Logic and people involved in direct harassment. It’s also based on my observations of the abuse itself which is continually adapted to my communications and activities.

  1. Provide tech support to monitor targets with applications like SpyEra that monitor target communications and location.
  2. Provide tech support for applications like Mind Drive used to analyse people’s attitudes and profile them for ‘monitoring’ and also attempt to determine mental state to optimize abuse (see Media Logic’s client list).
  3. Organize recruiters and Employee Assistance Programs to setup harassment or entrapment of targets (note: Employers most likely not aware that ‘monitoring’ programs are really ruses to passive aggressively harass people with opposing political views (see How I was targeted). I base this assumption on the fact that most business leaders tend towards conservative politics and while people with psychology degrees tend towards liberal politics. People involved in the monitoring receive financial perks and therefore have an incentive to perpetuate the abuse by documenting against the target.
  4. Introduce non-profits to government funding opportunities for participating in community social justice programs.
  5. Introduce a carefully profiled neighbor to government funding opportunities for participating in community social justice programs.
  6. Take the show on the road, traveling from state to state to make sure any new employer or community continues the abuse
  7. Risk management I – communication containment: to thwart attempts to reach out to other targets and get legal help, etc. This includes intercepting emails, diverting calls to anonymous voice mail banks (sometimes crashing the phone systems in the process of trying to set this up), impersonating ‘helpful’ organizations, etc. Restricting browser search results. Flooding the internet with diversion websites and videos to prevent targets from contacting each other.
  8. Risk management II – gas-lighting: if a target figures out that the harassment is organized and attempts to reach out for help Media Logic helps organize and schedule non-profit volunteers and recruiters used to execute the intensive daily harassment programs intended to neutralize the target by using gas-lighting to discredit them, drive them to suicide or trigger a cardiac event or stroke.
  9. Risk management III – direct attempts on the life of the target by taking advantage of opportunistic situations. I rode a bicycle while living in Bellevue so they attempted to setup an accident, even priming the scene by knocking out a cross walk sign days prior (see Bethany Community Church and Williamsburg Bridge).

Non-profits – supporting actors: They Foot soldiers on a mission from God whose primary goal is ‘monitoring’ and ‘social buffering’ in social groups. The come together to bear witness of against those ‘victimizing’ others in the community. They also engage in gas-lighting to trigger defensive hostility. For them the harassment is heavily wrapped in religiosity and told the intention is to ‘containment of evil’. Individual volunteers are likely unaware of the extent of the harassment or truth behind why someone is targeted. However it is evident from the statements of religious leaders that they are fully aware of the mortal threat posed to the target.

Recruiting agencies – lead actors: Recruiters have engaged in the most aggressive acts of harassment where the intent is to entrap. They will even attempt to pre-spin the target to get them angry before they are pretexted by another group in hopes that they will lose their cool. It was through Media Logic recruiters attempting to entrap me on a Right-To-Represent agreement that I was able to link this obscure recruiting company to the harassment. Recruiting agencies will doggedly attempt to direct a target into jobs where passive aggressive monitoring is already in place which suggests significant incentives compelling their behavior (see Police Report: Butler family). Recruiters also engage in harassment in public places and are present in most pretext groups involving non-profit volunteers presumably to provide guidance and direction.  Recruiters are trained in pretexting as part of their profession.

Although the combination of non-profits and recruiting agencies might seem odd these groups are targeted by the FBI’s CREST program which validates the pattern I’ve found in the backgrounds of people I’ve identified.

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