Martin Luther King – ritualizing psych abuse

dark clown

dark clown

Murder on the diversity express

For most of the year, Media Logic schedules rotating groups of 2-3 people from a range of non-profits and recruiting agencies to deliver a ‘daily dose of abuse’. In August around the anniversary of the Martin Luther King ‘I Have a Dream’ (IHAD) speech, the harassment becomes more frequent and intense and there is usually an attempt at entrapment. Multiple swarms a day with people in leadership from the organizations that have participated throughout the year come out to take a public bow bringing with them their children adorned in gas-lighting props. Yes, they celebrate the passive murder with their children…

The community bullying is wrapped in the language of social justice and religiosity with the targeted person being portrayed as a serious threat.

See police reports for the month of August 2010, 2011

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