Street Theater – sample scripts



The following are real pretexts that have been selected to represent the range will hopefully be useful in helping people spot these activities and in their organizations.

Pretexters love novel places because one of the goals is to take away a person’s locus of control and make them feel like they have no control and there is no escape. It probably also seen as fun for the stalker. Situations were a person can’t just walk away are preferred.

I’ve been pretexted in the following places since 2003: planes, train, buses, elevator, house, garage, bathrooms, laundry room, churches, class, Starbucks, Apple Store, craisglist coffee dates, library, bicycle trail, yard sale, police lobbies, gyms, hot tub, pool, dry saunas,  locker room, work, festivals, pubs, political meetings.

Public places

Smug Madonnas: People approach in a friendly manner with a casual comment that hints at information gleaned in the past 24-48 hours, followed with a ‘smug’ comment on race. The exchange is meant to be psychologically unsettling which causes stress and all the psychological and physiological effects that come with it. In social groups it conveys the innuendo that I’ve committed an unspoken wrong to someone.

anime clown from

anime clown from

Lipstick madonnas: After photographing and describing a woman as a ‘Lipstick’ madonna who taunted me with a baby wearing red, the researchers became freaked out at my correlating their trigger color red with children and began frantic campaign to disassociate the two by having women dressed in red with red lipstick swarming me without kids. One woman appeared at my gym dressed head to toe in glaring red and orange. Once I began blogging this she showed up in normal clothes and no makeup and then was never seen again.

Hurters: Making use of issues the target is thought to be sensitive about. For example I mentioned in my iPhone AwesomeNotes journal that an Asian woman had cut me off as I entered a room (occasionally a stalker cuts it close in attempting to get to a location before me…). As expected, stalkers interpreted this as my being upset so for days after Asian women were cutting me off intentionally, much to my fascination.

Guts for garters: After describing in my blog that pretexters are like religious evangelists attempting to fly under the radar, except that they are not trying to save you they want to dance in the light of the moon with your guts for garters, pretexters showed up the next day and held a lively conversation a few tables away sprinkled with lots of joyous halaluja (Julie Wyszynski, wife of Media Logic employe Roman Wyszynski?).

Pre-spin: In a phone call, my mother said something about my weight and so the stalkers attempted a pre-spin were they approached me twice. First to get me jacked up, a pert blond woman with a smirk harassed me about using a parking garage elevator at Bellevue Community College for a hill climb insinuating that I should have bicycled up the hill, “But WHY? WHY?” (Julie Wyszynski) An Asian man (unidentified) even defends me but as he avoids eye contact they were likely together. Then ten minutes later another group approached with male-to-female transsexual (Judy Osborne) hoping I might be upset enough to say something rude. As I look down the line a man leans over smiling and appears to be waiting to see my reaction (R. Bruce Thompson). I’m not anti-gay, I’m just pissed that the gay marriage issue has cost the democratic party so much when they could easily have taken the baby step of domestic partnership which would have helped more people.



Pimping kids: When writing about a young man on the bus who said he read poetry at a local coffee shop and had kissed a girl for the first time that day, I referred to him as ‘a lovely lad’ which I assumed the stalkers would interpret as an interest in younger men (a college friend used this phrase as an endearment when referring to a photo of his younger brother). However in a bit of a stretch, they put together a cast of black adults accompanied by a 13-year-old kid ‘Bart’ with a bushy head of cellophane blond hair. I noted in my journal that a blond kid followed me around Trader Joe’s like a black dude. Hilarious! (The kid is believed to be a son or nephew of Bob Davis at Media Logic).

Mixed race Canadians: Filipino couple from Canada, who’d replied to my FaceBook comments, showed up at a Costco on a visit to the Seattle area. As I pushed a cart towards the exit, he came up beside me accompanied by a white woman and yelled out, “Hello neighbor!” to his wife who passed by stiffly as if she hadn’t heard him. While the blond instead of turning to greet the neighbor, turned opposite ‘presenting’ her waist length ultra shiny golden tresses’ (Bart’s mother? I nicknamed thee ‘Fartina’. It was like the actress in the Jim Carrey movie ‘The Truman Show’ turning a soup can label towards the camera. In AwesomeNotes I wrote, “They’ll never make it porn!” giving the Fusion Center guys a good laugh. (Both ‘Fartina’ and ‘Bart’ have the same distinct pointy nose as Bob Davis of Media Logic, they are likely his sister and nephew, the Filipino man is Noël Briones).



Jewish themes

Re-educators: One day, I vented in my journal about a particular race of people (60% of the people stalking me) and how their culture was woefully, woefully without any redeeming qualities whatsoever! As predicted, the next day a woman shows up giving her friend sitting beside me who works for a school district, a dissertation on how this very group once saved civilization. But will we now be able to save ourselves from them?

Portal of Genocide: Of course they’ve attempted to pretext me on genocide but it backfired and when I asked the man if he was Jewish because they always seem eager to talk about genocide (see Police Report: Feiereband Persian Fire Gods).

Springtime in Austria: after writing about a pattern of stalkers making trips to Austria, the next day two blond German Jews approached me at a Republican meeting meeting in Las Vegas introducing themselves as belonging to a Patriot group. The man said he was Austrian and belonged to a militia.

Palestine: the day after signing up with Jewish Voices, an Israeli group wanting peace with the Palestinians, a Jewish men who surveillance (Las Vegas and Seattle) me showed up babbling to his friend about how Israel needs to protect itself.  Dude, Israel’s biggest threat is itself.

Business accounts

Prolonged customer service: I wrote a complaint to King County complaining about a management culture that fosters racism against white customers. Both of the examples I cited involved repeated abuses by the same people that were verifiable through the agencies own records. I view my complaint as a protest letter. I was fair, accurate and polite. I was exercising my civil rights to protest abuse. Unlike Media Logic, I did threaten litigation or to ruin lives. Since then customer service has been used as a form of harassment: extremely delayed customer service, gross overcharges and mishandling of my accounts.




Sesame Street: At a shop where I once worked as a temp, a black HR consultant came in once a week to meet with my two permanent co-workers. Afterwards they’d play Sesame Street CD’s with diversity songs and race bait me for the rest of the day. Maybe I’m just too dang sensitive but what company needs weekly HR meetings for an office shared by three employees? Furthermore, one guy like to play extreme punk CDs from the band SlipKnot and the other cherished his collection of ‘Music from the 70’s’. Those other TI’s online complaining about electronic harassment cannot even begin to compare such suffering as was this! (the flex-HR consultant has been tentatively identified as an employee of Washington Works).

Befrienders – racists under the radar at Volt: at another company, Jewish women on another work team consecutively took over the task of monitoring me while doggedly pushing to ‘befriend’. In an effort to document this strange behavior I emailed a complaint “She’s not my supervisor and needs to get a life.” Another pursued several attempts to connect with me long after leaving the company and even moving to another state. People should have the right to know when they are the target of an employer’s monitoring program so that they can report back to HR if they believe that the program is being used to exact racial hatreds (see Police Report: Protocol Team).

Social organizations

Socializing and exercising are best methods of coping with stress. Because the intent of NIH researchers is to induce stress as much stress as possible they are keen to thwart efforts to mitigate against it. A favorite role of church stalkers is that of usher because they have an excuse to approach and direct new people. .



Befrienders – racists under the radar at the gym: A couple engaged in Smug Madonna pretext using an infant as a prop at my gym. When I told them the baby was cute, the mother made an odd comment about the child’s fair skin which came off as a little creepy (see Police Report: George family)

Befrienders – racists under the radar at church: I don’t have a regular church and often church hop. I also don’t like to plan ahead in hopes that I can get manage to get to one without being followed in. Now that I have a Blackberry, I’ll likely have better luck evading the progressive police.

  • St Katherine’s Eastern Orthodox church, Kirkland, WA. Followed in by two woman who positioned themselves on either side of me to prevent me from interacting with the congregation. Also joined at our table by a gay priest. The women turned out to be Michele Rabourn’s mother, Bonny George, and Jennifer Gorovitz, CEO of the Jewish Federation. This church did not show up on my GPS. I don’t think the sr pastor of this church was aware of people in his church connected to the stalking.
  • Grace Community Church, Bozeman, MT. Followed into the by Constance Scharff, PhD at Free University of Berlin and usher Betty Fox Sterling a sister of Bill Wassmuth of the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment. This large church did not show up on my GPS and I don’t think the pastor of this church was aware of people in his church connected to the stalking.
  • St Spiridon’s Eastern Orthodox, Seattle, WA. Followed in by black family from an another orthodox church. The priest here was they only one who has ever taken a stand against the harassment instead of facilitating it by asking the congregation to go out into the world and be nice. I presume because he comes from a country that is familiar with social oppression.
  • St Demetrios Greek Orthodox, Seattle, WA. Followed in by a Somali man who had been assigned to surveillance me for several weeks. He was found out when I left the service before communion and he was forced to suffer the indignity of scurrying past me to his car.
  • Westminster Chapel, Redmond, WA. Followed in by a goofy looking woman who later turned up in a swarm. (see Police Report Mr Butler and friends).


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