Suspected drugging events

The Carcass Box,  Seattle, WA – June 2011,

Possible attempt to drug and involuntarily commit within days of having identified researchers at the University of Southern Maine and the NIH’s Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center as being involved in the harrassemnt:  Carcass Box

Annette Teijeiro, MD, Las Vegas, NV – November 2011

November 2, 2011, I attended my first Republican Woman’s luncheon at Maggiano’s. I try to avoid being followed to events by turning off my GPS and by not using an electronic calendar. I also usually go late to events to narrow down potential players to those who follow in after me.

About 3/4 of the way through the event a woman arrives late and takes a seat across the table from me. While other women at the table are glued to the speaker, she turns and gives gives me a death stare until I look away. She tells the woman sitting next to me that she’s there to speak because she’s running for office, however she doesn’t speak. I get up from my seat and walk around the table to introduce myself and she is flustered by my approach, the medical ID badge hanging from her neck identifies her as Dr. Annette Teijeiro (see also Directory – NIH researchers). She seems flustered by my unexpected approach.

November 17, 2011, I attended another Republican Women’s luncheon at Spiedini’s. My food is brought to me well after everyone at the table has been served and is eating. After the meal, I was too sleepy to mingle with the other women and headed out to my car where I nodded off for over an hour. It’s entirely possibly that I was just mentally exhausted, however I wanted to confirm. But blood tests taken at a local hospital 3-4 hours later came back negative.

Teijeiro turns out to be an anesthesiologist…

Sessoms Family 2007 – 2011

Possible drugging for the purpose of harassment and entrapment?  The Carcass Box event and the Teijeiro event, prompted me to re-visit a ‘phenomena’ that occurred in March 2007, just a couple months after filing a Seattle Civil Rights Commission regarding the issue of MTF transgenders harassing women in the shelters (see How I was targeted). A black man in his 50’s walked up beside me at a Seattle deli counter and proclaimed, “I only like dark meat.”  At the time I was staying at the Sacred Heart Shelter just a block away and believe that an aphrodisiac was placed into my deli container when I left it in a common refrigerator.

Les was twice seen again in 2010 when I moved to Bellevue within days of having emailed the FBI laying my race issues out on the table including what its like to deal with men who become hostile when told no and again after I reported a man who seemed to be acting oddly on the Larson Lake trails that run through the neighborhoods who I later was later confirmed to be a registered sex offender for voyerism (see report Sessoms Family). Sessoms appears to specialize in counter psyOps against people who’ve filed complaints related to sex issues and his harassment tactics are based on positive punishment: if you complain about x, then x will be used to harass and entrap you.

See Open letter to conservative social justice activists and researchers.


Sunshine PressHarassing, Annoying, and “Bad Guy” Identifying Chemicals (redacted) US Air Force Wright Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB (OH) June 1994 [This laboratory is also listed having taken part in MKULTRA research. For full list see]

I came across a resent release by SunShine press of aphrodisiacs being used as a weapon by the military in a 1994 memo. Les Sessom’s employer, Media Logic had Federal contracts with the Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) in located in Tacoma, Washington. MAMC has a history of corruption including having one of their whistle-blowers, a cardiologist, involuntarily committed in 1996. Media Logic, VP Randy Bostrum is a ex-military with DHS credentials (see Linking Media Logic to military health).

Since October 2011, Les Sessoms is now working as a recruiter for The Geneva Foundation in Tacoma, a private non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and support of military medicine and research.

non-lethal aphrodisiacs use as weapon by military

non-lethal aphrodisiacs use as weapon by military


In both the Carcass Box event and the Las Vegas event, I was approached in days prior to the actual drugging event by people with backgrounds in pharmacology. The people suspected of doing the actual drugging were not MDs  (see reports Robert Bies in Carcass Box and Annette Teijeiro in Las Vegas).

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