Is this Randy Bostrum or Tim Burgess

Is this Randy Bostrum or Tim Burgess

Crisis Calls Diverted: an atypical hotline volunteer argues with me about my evidence, are concerned about any photos I might have posted on my blog and insists that I get a mental health evaluation. After the call Bellevue Police show up at my door for a safety check. I stop calling hotlines and begin blogging about the harassment.

Who ever the man is that showed up the next day, I’ve seen him before on an Amtrak train from California to Washington in the Summer of 2006 and in making arrangements to be taken to an airport in Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2011.

Note: ex colonel’s wife Kathy Griggs discusses her calls to police also being diverted. The Kay Griggs Interviews, 1 / 4  part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

PDF reports – 2011-05-17_Crisis-calls-diverted_Bellevue_WA__HARASS-CONTAIN

Pleading for help from the community

Politically motivated NIH researchers are labeling non-conformists ‘hostile’ and then subjecting them to years of coercive psychological abuse via Public Health and DoJ community outreach, staffing agencies and high tech contractors; I’m begging and pleading for experienced high-level professionals in these fields to review my reports and fact check for themselves (,, etc).

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