Charleen Day and Kaitlin Johnson

Charleen Day and Kaitlin Johnson

This event demonstrates that my support for immigration reform and my objections to white
collar workers being displaced by out-sourcing and in-sourcing, does not translate in to hostile actions
such as violating a Right-to-Represent agreements with recruiters having foreign names/accents or with
men in favor of women.

1. Right-to-Represent entrapment: A Canadian recruiting manager directs an East Indian recruiter and a blond recruiter in an attempt to entrap on bias.

2. Neuro Linquistic Programming: Recruiting manager cc’d on entrapment email has links to controversial aversion therapy and is recognized from an Asian Babies harassment event.
3. Restraining order entrapment: New Yorker posing as recruiting manger files restraining order against me even though her LinkedIn profile shows her as being a past employee.
4. InfraGard social networking troll uncovered: A woman I groused to about H-1B visa’s shows up as the reply to on the email headers from 7 different recruiters and connections.

Unconfirmed identities: unidentified New Yorker at Media Logic, Charleen Day of Canada, recruiting manage and Chris Shadha, recruiter, Kaitlin Johnson, recruiter at Summit Group Solutions, Beverly Freed, InfraGard member.

PDF report – 2011-08-18_Right-to-Represent_Seattle_WA__CHARACTER

I need help!

I’m seeking high level professionals knowledgable in behavioral science research on stress, staffing industry practices and high-tech harassment to review and fact check my reports.

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2 Responses to report_Right-to-Represent_Seattle_WA

  1. Jack MacDonald says:

    These people sound very bad. Thank-you for this informative news report. More people need to know about these false and deceptive business practices, which violate the California Business and Professions Code.

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