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The new stasi

The new stasi

How telecommunications contractor Media Logic was discovered to be connected to the harassment: In August 2010, a Canadian and an East Indian from Media Logic in WA attempted to entrap me on a Right-to-Represent agreement. Research into this obscure company led to the identification of Behavioral Medicine researchers connected to the Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center (see report Right to Represent).

For more information see Harassment Methodology and Police Reports.

Identifications: Note: Identifications have not yet been independently confirmed. If you feel you have been misidentified or have information you’d like to share, please contact me via this blog.


The ‘Next Wave’ of technologists
benefits corporations that realize
diversity issues in the workplace must be resolved
face continued litigations and
deteriorating public image.
– Media Logic – About


Media Logic in WA – Data storage, online profiling, wireless, GPS tracking

Media Logic is government contractor that has received over $482 Million in Federal contracts through the DOD’s Defense Health Program, for which, interestingly, most funds are going to border control states. They’ve also received $500k-$1m annually from Seattle King County.

Founder Kathy Hobbs got her start in database storage and helped develop profiling software targeted at teenagers. They are also known to have had on staff a neuro-linguistic programmer. A field of behavioral science associated with feeding subliminal messages into audio and visual media.

This government contractor, targets individuals based who’ve been accused of bias and people who support immigration reform. Although their webpage presents them their activities being tied to employer, I’ve been harassed extensive by them outside the work place and even across state lines. Furthermore, my political views in support of immigration control were not voiced in the workplace, they were made in an open discussion in a classroom in San Jose, CA. For eight years, I’ve been targeted with repeated attempts to bait, provoke and entrap on malicious harassment and bias. During those years my son was framed for a crime that didn’t occur, my social life has been derailed and my physical health has suffered. Knowing my bi-racial grandchildren may someday join these activists makes me want to scream.

The billions the US government is spending on early detection of terrorist cells is at the same time spawning cells of Americans terrorizing each other in the name of social justice. What’s the difference between Media Logic and the Stasi? Is there a difference?

  • Media Logic, Seattle, WA – $2.60 M in annual sales  (2011 — high tech profiling, harassment and communication containment.
  • $482K in non-competitive Federal government contracts for the Department of Defense’s Defense Health Program (2012
  • $500K-1,000K annually in King County government contracts between 2005-2010. For a total of $2.5M – $5M to date. (public disclosure).

Multiple links to medial research

1. Funding via the Defense HealthProgram $482,000 to date for work with the Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) in located in Tacoma, Washington. Note that this facility has a history of corruption and has even involuntarily committed its own doctors who have blown the whistle. Using mental health evaluations to push whistle blowers was done so frequently that Barbara Boxer pushed through legislation to protect whistle-blowers from this.

2. Kathy Hobbs, has done data architecture work for the health industry.

3. Media Logic’s Don Sytsma, an electrical engineer who traveled the world installing telecommunications equipment is possibly also Bart Muller, MD psychiatrist. A combination of psychology and other professional degrees appears to be a common for people engaged in engaged in special operations. Both men are Dutch immigrants about the same age.

4. Media Logic, ex employee Les Sessoms is now working as a recruiter for The Geneva Foundation in Tacoma, a private non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and support of military medicine and research. (See also Drugging and Police Reports: Sessoms Family)

5. Charleen Day was present at a harassment event with NIH researchers (see Police Reports: Asian Babies)

Media Logic in CO & MA – Automated Data Libraries (ADL).

Develops and manufactures certification equipment used by manufacturers of flexible storage media such as floppy disks. The main products of the company include automated tape library systems for storage and retrieval of data, certification, test and duplicating equipment, tape evaluators, disk evaluators and other storage related equipments. The company markets the products from low-end to middle-range of market for libraries. It is believed that this technology is used to manipulate web traffic away from some sites and towards others including blocking links on intended websites forcing people to seek alternative information. It is also believed to be used as a form of psyOps to hack digital files used by internet service providers, television & radio programming (see Police Report: ADL positive reinforcement and ADL negative reinforcment).

Media Logic in CO – Radio Tower and ???

On August 28, 2011. Wayne Johnson showed up sitting next to me at FedEx Office & Print store where I was working on my laptop. After he left my browser was flooded with horrific images of women getting their brains blown out and wild-eyed convicted killers in orange jump suits. The first several men were mobsters from Ferrazzano, Italy and serial killer Amy Bishop Anderson. Several Rue Morgue illustrations were associated with a Lisa Ladouceur. Media Logic NY & WA have Ferrazzano and Ladouceur family members on their web pages. I have a photo of Lily Bishop Anderson taken four days after Johnson’s visit.

Media Logic, Fort Morgan, CO – .80 M in annual sales (source — Automated Data Library (ADL) technology (used to hack television, radio and browsers with alternate programming?)

Media Logic in NY – Creative Services – Commercial Marketing.

They’re able to create a convincing alternate personas and online presences and real television commercials as well as altered television programs and news segments. If anyone is experiencing this, try to catch it on tape and then go online and compare it with a directly downloaded version of the television show or news cast in question…

Media Logic, Albany, NY – $16.5 M in annual sales (source  — creative services and commercial marketing.

Note: Identifications have not yet been independently confirmed. If you feel you have been misidentified or have information you’d like to share, please contact me at: 206(dash)856(dash)1778. 

Media Logic – Leadership

'Comrade Regina' and Bob Davis

‘Comrade Regina’ and Bob Davis

Bob Davis

Media Logic ADL in Colorado and Massachusetts

11 Dartmouth Ave., Needham, MA 02194



1. Sensitizing to Red: Media Logic intercepts my email setting into motion a gas-lighting program apparently initiated by Bob Davis to prevent me from being able to get police to take reports. 2. Allegiant Airlines: Davis appears again when I take an early flight home from NV to WA after a family fight that ensues after I’m blamed for my son being intensively spammed. 4. Shush: After identifying Davis in my blog, my browser searches are manipulated to return what appear to be threats to keep silent.

QUESTION: Is he  a Federal Marshal?




Kathy Hobbs and Julie Wyszynski

Kathy Hobbs and Julie Wyszynski

Kathy Hobbs

Media Logic in WA, CEO & Founder

  • database analyst & storage
  • marketing analyst
  • profiler

Is she also Kathy Hobbs of Illuminate?

REPORTS NAMED IN: Guts for Garters, Mr Butler and Friends

COMMENTS: I described in my blog how pretexters are like religious people at work attempting to evangelize under the radar by having conversations between each other but that are obviously directed at you. This is annoying but easy to ignore and side-step. The next day these two women showed up and carried on a conversation at the Kelsey Creek Starbucks with Hobbs sprinkling her joyous animated conversation with Julie with several hallelujah’s. Outside was parked a town car with the license plate ‘HEDY’ with a TDHS parking sticker in the windshield on 5/21/2011..

Question: Is Kathy Hobbs the same woman I saw with Julie Wyszynski at Starbucks?

Bart Muller, MD (2011) and Don Sytsma (2000)

Bart Muller, MD (2011) and Don Sytsma (2000). (src internet screen shots)

Don Sytsma (Dutch)

Media Logic in WA, Stretegic Planner


COMMENTS: There are two Don Sytsmas connected to the stalking. Don Sytsma (Dutch immigrant) at Media Logic and Donald Sytsma (Polish decent born in the US) at USM. In August 2011, I received a cryptic email from a Bart Muller, MD that seemed to be inferring that he was my doctor. I’ve submitted a complaint requesting an investigation to prove he’s not my doctor with the Washington State Medial Quality Assurance Commission and am waiting their decision. Case No 2011-162442MD, MD 00012004.

The Sytsmas and Muller are about 70 years old.  Donald Sytsma’s (Polish) student reviews on RateMyProfessor are so bad one has to wonder how he ever made it through college yet alone earn a PhD. There maybe some sort of passport fraud going on here. .


  • Is Don Sytsma an alias of Bart Muller?
  • Are Don Sytsma (Dutch) and Bart Muller family members?
  • Are they involved in some sort of passport/immigration fraud?

Is this Randy Bostrum or Tim Burgess

Is this Randy Bostrum or Tim Burgess. Nickname Traveling man (photo on left src SBV 5/17/2011)

Randy Bostrum?

Media Logic in WA, Vice President of Sales


Video: TI Event – Is this Bostrum or Burgess 5/18/2011

USA Media Group?
Are Randy Bostrum, Tim Burgess and Randy LaBarge brothers/cousins?

REPORTS NAMED IN: Crisis calls diverted

COMMENTS: I’ve seen this man several times when I’ve traveled in other states. This is the first time I’ve seen him Bellevue. His appearance coincides with a call to a crisis line and may even have been the person my calls were forwarded to. The volunteer was different from my many other calls to vent my distress at not being able to get police to take reports. others in that he was argumentative and wanted to know about my evidence. I asked him a couple of time if he was a cops, knowing that they do volunteer work. But he would not answer. Nor would he confirm if he had a degree in psychology. He was very concerned to hear that I’d posted a blog, particularly if I’d put up any images of people. I told him I didn’t lack for evidence, I lacked an attorney. He pushed for me to go for a mental health evaluation and talked about the useful drugs. After the call he sent police to my door for a ‘safety check’. Other volunteers have suggested counciling but have never pushed for psych evaluations or sent police to my door. After this I believe that they did a back up of my hard-drive to see what evidence I had.


  • Where can I get current photo of Randy Bostrum of Media Logic in WA?
  • Aliases: Are Bostrum and Burgess the same guy?
  • Family connections: Are Bostrum, Burgess, and Randy LaBarge brother?
  • Is the man on the left Randy Bostrum at Kelsey Creek Ctr Starbucks on 5/17/2011 ?
  • Was he on an Amtrak train from San Jose to Seattle in the summer of 2006?
  • Was he in Las Vegas in March/April 2011.
  • Is he who my calls to the crisis line were forwarded to 5/16/2011 sounding like an attorney & arguing with me about evidence?

Wayne Johnson and Rockie Morgan

Wayne Johnson and Rockie Morgan

Wayne Johnson 

Colorado Broadcasters, Board of Directors


REPORTS NAMED IN: Cyber Negative, Kettlehouse, Diebierstube

COMMENTS: He has an affinity for violent disturbing imagery and a love of God

QUESTIONS: Is he related to Rockie Morgan?

I photo graphed a group of foriegn national IT guys standing behind my car at a FedEx Office and Print in Bozeman. They’ve been idenfied and have connections to Media Logic.

Inside the FedEx Wayne Johnson engaged in creepy passive verbal harassment and is believed to have cause my computer to stream horrific images from his laptop where he sat near me for about 1 hour.

MediaLogic ADL that is a subsidiary of Media Logic in Massachussetts. “An ADL is an automated data library. A mechanical device that takes an optical disc or magnetic disk or tape cartridge from a storage location and inserts it into the drive. Also called an “autochanger,” it is the robotic part of a tape or disk library. See tape library, disk library”


  • Is he related to Rockie Morgan?
  • Is is possible to hack using ADL technology to substitute browser search results with files from an alternate source such as a library of violent images.

Employees and agents

Marvin Stern - Deborah Arline - Jennifer Wieselquist

Marvin Stern – Deborah Arline – Jennifer Wieselquist and unidentified black man.

Deborah Arline

Media Logic in WA, IT Analyst

QUESTION: family of Marvin Stern or Jennifer Wieselquist?
REPORTS NAMED IN: Yellow Jackets


  • Is Arline’s image used on the Media Logic website?
  • Are these people related:
    • Deborah Arline, Sr IT Analyst
    • Jennifer Wieselquist, PhD at University of Southern Maine
    • Marvin Stern of the Seattle Civil Rights Commission and JDL


Charleen Day and Kaitlin Johnson

Charleen Day and Kaitlin Johnson

Charlene Day

Media Logic in WA, Recruiting Mgr.

CONNECTION TO ME: cc’ on email to me from recruiter at Media Logic WA
REPORTS NAMED IN: Charleen Day, Asian Babies

COMMENTS: She is significant on several levels:

1. An email to me from Media Logic used in a right to represent entrapment attempt links Media Logic directly to me.

2. She was present at an event that linked Media Logic and NIH researchers.

3. She has a degree in Neuro-linguistic Programming and which is possibly used by Media Logic with ADL technology.

4. She is yet another example of Media Logic using foreign nationals to harass on immigration related issues.

5. Her LinkedIn account listed her as a past employee shortly after I first posted the email with her name on it in June 2011. So when I phoned Media Logic in WA in August 2011, to speak with Don Sytsma, a woman with a thick New York accent answered the phone posing as her. This was used as the basis of a restraining order against me. Although I had evidence of not making harassing calls. I was afraid to go to court without an attorney.

6. She is likely related to Kaitlin Johnson who participated in the Right to Represent pretext. Yet another example of parents and adult children working together to harass. This pattern of families working together and benefiting together is a theme of some of the NIH Logic Models for driving behavior change to eliminate disparity gaps in community health.

7. Charleen was also present at an event where an Asian toddler was used.  On FBI and DHS community outreach websites target families. If families are encouraged to include children in ‘social justice’ education activities it would not be too much of a surprise if they might be asked to also participate in pretexts and entrapment. The use of children to entrap was a popular tactic of MK-ULTRA.


  • Is she working legally in the US? (She said she lives in Pierce County).
  • Is she still working for Media Logic?
  • Who was posing as her?
  • Was my call forwarded to a number outside of Media Logic?

Is this Jeff Devlin

Is this Jeff Devlin

Jeffrey Devlin?

He was photographed with a swarm Media Logic, Bethany Community Church and the Eastside Torah Center. In one photo he’s seated with Jonathan Bergstrom.

REPORTS NAMED IN: Diebierstube

COMMENTS: Jeff Devlin [Sr] is CEO and Executive Producer of Medialogic, a leading communications company that matches media companies with strategic relationships in advertising and marketing circles. Devlin is also Executive Producer and a partner with Original Film, a bi-coastal entertainment company specializing in feature films including Sweet Home Alabama, XXX and Fast and the Furious. Original Film is also a top producer for high-end corporate advertising campaigns. Additionally, Devlin is Executive Producer for Aero Film, one of America’s top ranked and one of the most prestigious commercial spot companies. Devlin has also served as Senior Vice President of Business Development with Doner Advertising where in one year he won more than $70 million worth of new business for Sirius Radio and Coca Cola. He was also Head of television as Senior Vice President for Lintas Worldwide Advertising, and he worked with Coca Cola, Heineken and General Motors. Devlin is on the Executive Committee for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers and he serves on the Development Committee and on the Board of Directors for the United States Equestrian Team. His industry awards include 17 Clios, 4 Effies, 21 Telly Awards, a Gold Camera award for PBS’s “An Artist’s Odyssey,” and 16 Andy Awards for creative excellence. A 1969 graduate of Bethel, Devlin is also a former recipient of Bethel’s Alumni Achievement Award.


  • Is he the son of Jeff Devlin, [Sr]. formerly of  Media Logic Albany

Ken Hocker

Multi-media artist

Media Logic in Albany

REPORTS NAMED IN: Diebierstube

Noah Hoffman, Phracker

Noah Hoffman, Phracker. Left (source 6/15/2010, 11:40 am)

Noah Hoffman

Connection to Media Logic – unconfirmed

Washintonians for Immigration Reform, volunteer organizer

From Berkeley/Oakland, California

Aliases: Brian Kay and Phracker

That website is gone but he still has Meetup account with photos of him in Tokyo.

CONNECTION TO ME: called me directly while I was in Las Vegas.
QUESTION: is he nephew of Bostrum?

COMMENTS: I purchased an iPhone to help document the harassment (this actually makes it easier for them to track you…). I was using the AwesomeNotes app, a travel journal with pre-dated pages that you can write memos and attach photos, email, sync and backup. Noah sat down across from me at a coffee shop intently working his cell phone. I had a sense I was on his radar so I took this photo. I didn’t think I was in any danger of being hacked because I was careful not to sync or backup over the wire. After he left a blond woman who I believe possibly Julie Wyszynski came in with a laptop and down wide-eyed. I tried to see her screen when I went to the restroom. When I came back she was already gone after only being there about 10 minutes.

In March 2011, I received a call from Noah Hoffman pretending to be from the group Washintonians for Immigration Reform. A trace of Hoffman’s phone number brings up a social networking account with the username of ‘Phracker’. This is someone who hacks cell phones.

Amy Keith Holmes and Amy Keith Lorenzen

Amy Keith Holmes and Amy Keith Lorenzen (top right)

Amy Keith Holmes

Media Logic in NY, Operations manager

REPORTS NAMED IN: Java-on-Sherman, ADL positive reinforcement

COMMENTS: Although in event the photo she’s not wearing gas-lighting colors, she is seated in front of me with a man who also accompanied Lily Bishop Anderson in a swarm in Bozeman. This qualifies as a puzzling events.


  • Are Amy Keith Holms and Amy Keight Lorenzen the same person
  • Is the man in the photo Mr Lorenzen?

Wayne Johnson and Rockie Morgan

Wayne Johnson and Rockie Morgan

Rockie Morgan

Rockie Morgan, Director of App Development at CompuCom

REPORTS NAMED IN:  DieBierstube, Blond Bart

COMMENTS: Connection to Media Logic: he was photographed with a swarm from Media Logic, Bethany Community Church and the Eastside Torah Center. In the photo he is seated with Daniel Sessoms whose father, Les Sessoms works for Media Logic. I’ve had multiple contacts with Les.


  • Are Rockie and Wayne brothers?
  • Is he related to ‘Bartina’ and ‘Blond Bart’.



Bryan Reichert

Bryan Reichert

Bryan Reichart

Media Logic in WA & Amazon

His image is used on the Media Logic website.

COMMENTS: He engaged in petty harassment.

Replied to an email he sent me. We setup an interview with me on a Friday afternoon which he blew off. During the rescheduled interview he asked me no questions related to the position, only talked about bicycling. I believe his intention was to harass because it’s unusual for recruiter to schedule phone interview with themselves. Usually the interview is between you and the client. If the client decides to hire you, then you go into the agency, meet the recruiter and fill out pager work. After this I wouldn’t follow up on jobs with Amazon. Normally, I would have written his behavior off as just flaky, but seeing what appears to be his image on the Media Logic website, gets him a place on my blog.

Adam Sallean

Adam Sallean Left (src; Right (src SBV 8/31/2010).

Adam Sallean

His image is used on the Media Logic website.


  • Why do people with apparent connections to Media Logic, not disclosing this on their resumes


Julie Wyszynski and Judy Osborne

Julie Wyszynski and Judy Osborne

Julie Wyszynski

CONNECTION TO PEOPLE IN OTHER REPORTS: Roman Wyszynski is believed to be Juilie’s husband.
REPORTS NAMED IN: Transgender pre-spin, Guts for Garters

COMMENTS: She has participated in two events including one a woman believed to be Kathy Hobbs, CEO of Media Logic.

She attempted to provoke ‘hostility’ by baiting me about my weight in a Bellevue Community College elevator I was using as hill climb on my way to Starbucks Eastgate where waiting for me was a swarm with special guest Judy Osborne and R. Bruce Thompson standing by as witness. Judy came up behind beside me as I was ordering coffee, when I did a double take Thompson leaned forward from his place in line to watch my reaction to her. Judy works with the Seattle Human Rights Commission and local law enforcement.


  • Is Media Logic recruiting relatives of famous people who’ve helped Jews?
    • Is Richard Dahlstrom, son of Bill Wassmuth of the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment?
    • Are Roman Wyszynski, Bob Davis and Donald Systma (Polish) relatives of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, famous for saving Polish Jews in WWII.

Mr Clean driving black Acura with WA plate 488 ESE

Mr Clean driving black Acura with WA plate 488 ESE

unidentified – nickname ‘Mr Clean’

REPORTS NAMED IN: Original Pancake House

He parked walked over to me then bent over as if to pick something up, but nothing was there, then stood up and walked back to his car and left (This is puzzling behavior). I recognized his distinctive looks on the Media Logic web page.


  • What is the identity of the man in the photo?

'Bartina' and Julia Lowe

‘Bartina’ and Julia Lowe

Unidentified – nickname ‘Bartina’

Is she Julia Lowe, a paralegal

REPORTS NAMED IN:  The Blond Family and Costco Canadians

Bartina is the mother of Blond Bart and possibly Bob Davis’s sister. A man resembling Rockie Morgan was with them and had Bart’s in a playful headlock. Bart’s blond hair was mostly under a knit cap but was recognizable by the family’s distinctive pointy nose.

She has a distinctly pointy nose as do ‘Blond Bart’ and Bob Davis.


  • Is she Bob Davis’s sister?

Library Man - WA plate 505-ZHO

Library Man – WA plate 505-ZHO

unidentified – nickname ‘Library Man’

REPORTS NAMED IN: Library man, Samena

8/26/2010. I don’t normally use the library computer except when I have to print something out. One day I drop in to print out diet and exercise log sheets.  An older Jewish couple paces back and forth behind trying to peer at my computer screen.  A big man in a dark blue shirt comes in and sits kitty-corner from me and I feel like I’m on his radar. In the parking lot I took a photo of his van. I called out to him but he wouldn’t turn towards me and his demeanor suggested I shouldn’t push it.

September 2010? I’d signed up for a Minuteman mailing list and then heard on the news about a controversial book associated with one of the founders. When I went to pickup my hold at the library, a group of Neighborhood Watch men were there. A Filipeno placed his hands on a table and leaned forward glaring at me.


  • Who is the driver of the Dodge Caravan with WA plate 505-ZHO

Ms. Ferrazzano?

Ms. Ferrazzano?

Unidentified – Ms. Ferrazzano?

Her image is used on Media Logic website
REPORTS NAMED IN: Original Pancake House

Sytsma is connected to Ferrazzanos on Facebook. There is a famous Spanish opera singer, Erica Ferrazzano. Both men and women related to her like to strike this pose after her famous photo.




Gears of "change", not quite what we were hoping for...

Gears of “change”, not quite what we were hoping for…

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