Racism through the looking glass

looking glass

looking glass

As a white person with modest ‘Aryan’ looks, who has spent most of my life living in cosmopolitan communities, I can assure you that it is not at all unusual for conversations to ‘meander towards the portal of genocide’ no matter what the ethnic make up is of the speaker, or even if their own people have been targeted with genocide, or even if they’re the parents of mixed race children. Furthermore, I’ve personally had the unpleasant experience of dealing with these people when they realize that I’m not going to validate their views and they panic and attempt to spread gossip projecting their views onto me. Because of attempts to burn me in this way, I no longer listen in silent amazement, but shine a light on them (see report Persian Fire Gods).

I’m don’t concern myself  with thought policing on racism. My concern is how people treat each other and is what we are doing in the common good. I’m also concerned with respect for boundaries because mine have been completely over run in every aspect of my life, from the personal to the national.

Like me, do you find  the ‘whose a racist’ conversation entirely tedious?

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