Analysis – my actions & their responses

Tit for Tat

Tit for Tat

The following are key actions and harassment responses overtime (see also Level of Harassment).

1. My Action: Political comment on in classroom 2003

I was originally listed as result of a comment I made in support of immigration reform during what was likely a Public Health ‘surveillancing’ of students for ‘hostile’ views on immigration in a classroom in San Jose, CA. (see  How I was targeted).

Their Response:

  • Passive aggressive harassment in the workplace: During subsequent classes and at  substitute teaching jobs for the San Jose School District, I was monitored and repeatedly ‘tested’ particularly my reaction to Hispanic men and attempts were made to draw me into discussions on family size and race baited by fellow students in a required class at a YWCA on how, “white children just don’t get it.”
  • Intrusion into personal life: They not only monitor my electronic communications for tidbits to use in street theater harassment, they also answer my personals ads and attempt to illicit racial comments on coffee dates (see Report Metropolitan Education).
  • No escape: On the plane from San Jose to Seattle to escape the harassment, a social worker type woman sitting next to me on the plane race subtly attempts to elicit comments on race using the Poisonwood Bible. Incredulous as it may sounds, en route interstate harassment is a hallmark of the harassment. A feeling of no escape is a key component of psychosomatically induced death. This suggests that from the earliest days of the harassment inducing toxic stress was an underlying motive for the monitoring (see NIH researcher Thomas Kamarck and Murder on the Diversity Express).

2. My Action: Filed Civil Rights complaint regarding MTF transgenders – 2007 to 2008

I filed a complaint with the Seattle Civil Rights Commission about women being thrown out of women’s facilities for using male pronouns to refer to MTF transgenders.The commission re-wrote my complaint to hide gender then dismissed it. In effect hiding from public policy makers and problems caused by MTF in shelters and skewing data collected on women (see Complaint Letter: Seattle Civil Rights Commission).

Their Response:

  • Co-worker harassment linked to Civil Rights complaint 2009: A woman who appeared to be directing harassment against me by co-workers while at the same time doggedly attempted to befriend was found to be a FaceBook friend of the MTF named in my complaint. They both belong to a Seattle First Baptist church from which other community bullies are linked (see Report: Protocol team).
  • MTF Transgender pre-spin 2011: Recruiters and NIH researchers participate in a harassment event where recruiters attempt to upset me prior to the event increase the probability of eliciting a hostile response from me to Osborn. The recruiters is from the University of Washington where I’d temped and researcher is connected to the Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center.
  • MTF Transgender befriender – May 2010: On a bus I’m pretexted by a group of women, one is a MTF transgender author of women’s erotica posing as a homeless woman, another is a woman who was supervised by Volt Technical recruiter with they’d exchanged mutual recommendations and the third was recognized as a woman somehow connected to an ex-boyfriend with a psychology practice who’d answered my personals ad. This the cross section of people demonstrates the extent to which people’s privacy is invaded and the insidiousness the harassment is.

3. My Action: sex as a weapon 2005 – 2011

Unlike in California, I was harassed in Washington by both Jews and Blacks most likely because of my personals ad stating a racial preference. Don’t think it’s a big deal myself and only put it in my ads because although my profile setting states the characteristics I’m seeking in a mate there is no way to filter out unwanted responses. Since 2001, I’ve used this simple but fun ad, “Will walk with you on any beach anywhere, will cook you candle light dinners, will be nice to your mother, will vote Republican and sing in the church choir for just the right fit” usually gets 200-300 responses over about 3 weeks with many men just wanting to weigh in with either fan mail or hate mail, including Republican choir members… Putting SWF seeks SWM in the header reduces responses by about 2/3.

Their Response:

  • Jewish race baiter answers my ad: Rob Odell answers my ad in 2005 and turns out to be a Jewish psychologist who likes to race-bait white women by telling stories of having taunted the son of an incarcerated white supremacist during his internship and badgering a 70 year old British female client who no longer wanted to have sex with her husband. Don’t know if these stories are true but this is the sort of things he said to bait me. When I broke off the relationship I emailed him that I wasn’t his surrogate Nazi or his Eva Braun. The emails were forwarded to FBI in 2010 (see report Rob Odell).
  • An aphrodisiac in my food: believed to have been the instigator behind so many incidences of lewd sexual conduct by both men and women that I’d begun to believe that perhaps the people in the South were right after all. Looking back, I now believe that Les Sessoms was likely responsible for much of this and that he also was involved in putting an aphrodisiac drug in my food at a shelter where one of the residents claiming to be a retired caseworker, watched to make sure that only I took my deli container out of the refrigerator and not another resident. Les had appeared beside me at the grocery deli near the shelter when I purchased the food and made a loud provocative comment, “I only like dark meat.” (see report Aphrodisiac, Olympic Reprographics and The Sessoms Family).

4. My Action: Inspirational Asian Baby story – November 2008

During a date over drinks with recruiter posing as an archeaologist, he attempts to provoke a response on immigration using the topic of immigrant children in classrooms. This is not the first time that I’ve ended up on a date with someone who is actually an investigator (see How I was targeted). Suspecting that he might be another investigator, I side step, with an inspiring story how in the 1960’s, about how when I was about 7, I was in an import store with a neighborly grandfather exploring a large collection of tin wind up toys, I asked why people said ‘made in japan’ with dirision and was told that Asian were and inferior race of people. Americans were creative and inventive while Asians could only copy our technologies. Then in the 1970’s there were news stories of American GI’s returning to Asia to claim their children and by the 1980’s there were waiting lists of people to adopt them. “Things change…”  The man responded by my story with a glowering look on his face and I knew then that he was not a real date and changed the subject. No one else has ever responded negatively to this story, including Asians. The usual reaction is for people to say, “Wow, your right, I never thought about that.” I usually follow this story with a comment about how race issue between other groups in the US will change naturally, when blacks reach a point when they are competing against white companies and like Toyota, gives a run for our money. It’s not about group hugs, it’s about respect.

A precident for government funded researchers using children to entrap can be found MK-ULTRA testimony:

Their Response:

  • Racial hostility towards children: a psychological abuse program is developed where I’m harassed intensively until I’m observed to be in an extreme psychological distress then researchers place Asian toddlers next to me presumably in hopes of eliciting a defensive hostile response in proximity of a toddler that could be interpreted as my being a danger to children (see Police Report: Asian Babies).
  • Racial affinity for blond children: by now I know that my journal entries are gleaned for harassment material. So when I write in my journal about a young man on the bus telling everyone about his first kiss I expect to be pretexted by younger men. However researchers actually go a bit further than expected and appeared to have enlisted what was likely the  cellophane blond 11 year old nephew of Bob Davis to follow me around a Trader Joe’s. He is later seen with his parents swarming on the anniversary of IHAD in 2010 (see Report: Blond Bart).
  • Paranoia of children: a complex classical conditioning operation that took place over 15 days and culminated in an attempt to get me to photograph the same child in two different locations was an apparent attempt to generate evidence of being potentially paranoid towards children. Whereas in other incidents involving children I’d questioned if the parent was aware of their children being used to bait people and also questioned if a researcher leading the first event was qualified to work with children, this time I believe they made sure to include the real mother (See report Operation Hat Trick).

5. My Action: Reporting abuses by blacks as a result of a management culture that fosters racial conflict – Dec 2009

I wrote a customer service complaint to the State and King County about a management culture in King County government and non-profit agencies that fostered abusive behavior by black employees towards whites. In my letter I cited two examples where repeated actions over time leaving little doubt that behaviors were predatory and not just employees having a bad day. The state called to apologize and said the employee would receive extra training. The county did not respond to my attempts to follow up. Although not mentioned in the complaint, the catalyst for the complaint was a dismissive and condescending Jewish supervisor (see Complaint Letters).

My Response:

  • First large group street theater – May 2010: An sudden increase in harassment frequency and numbers of people involved begins four months after filing customer service complaint. The theme for this pretext was mixed race couples (see Police Reports Cafe Umbria).
  • Swarming on the anniversary of the IHAD – Auguts 2010 and 2011: For the past two years I’ve been intensively swarmed by large groups on the anniversary of the MLK I Have a Dream Speech.

6. My Action: Reporting community bullying – May 30, 2010

Email to FAIR asking if they had members reporting street theater and monitoring on the job. Seven days later Bob Davis of Media Logic shows up and the daily gas-lighting program is initiated.

Their Response:

  • First gas-lighting – June 8, 2010:  (see Police Reports: See Sensitizing to Red)
  • First participation of children in abuse – August 2010: NIH researcher Donald Sytsma and Asian toddler with Neighborhood Watch.
  • First threat on my life – November 2010 (see Police Reports: Bethany Community Church).
  • First attempt to entrap using an immigrant – August 2010: Charleen Day, Neurolinguistic Programmer (see Police Reports: Right to Represent).
  • First IHAD intimidation – August 2010: (see reports DieBierstube and Larson Lake).

7. My Action: Documenting organized harassment – 2011

After eight years of attempting to bait, provoke and entrap. Frustrated researchers resort to attempting to use my documenting of abuse as evidence of against me harassment.

Their Response:

  • A woman who directs a ‘prolonged customer service’ harassment at a police station gets into a car with a teenager in the backseat. I follow for a couple blocks to get her license plate. Since this event children have been used regularly in harassment events presumably to make a case that I’m harassing families. To prevent this I minimize documenting children and focus on parents (see Mini-Matthews).
  • Mr Butler attempts to use my documenting him as evidence of my harassing black people in general with the help of his connections in Public Health and Social Justice and recruiting. Furthermore, while at the same time I cannot get Bellevue Police to look at my evidence or take a report, he attempts to entrap me with officers on standby (see Report: The Butler Family and Mr Butler and friends).

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