Levels of harassment

levels of harassment

levels of harassment

Level I: Fishing expedition

Public Health encourages educators and community organizations to survey the public for ‘hostile’ views. Identified targets are profiled to determine their range personal, financial and legal vulnerabilities including what is most likely to psychologically push their buttons.

Targets are approached at work and in public places by investigators who attempt to illicit incriminating statements. This includes answering personals ads. Though this sounds incredulous, the people in this line of work apparently consider it a hoot and the ultimate demonstration of their spy cred if they can get a target hot for them and divulge confidences (see Mike Romain in Asian Babies).

These charmers have been hounding me since 2003 and daily since 2010, yet have not been able successfully bait or provoke me. So why do they persist? To what degree is this tyranny driven by politics and to what degree is it driven by financial incentives?

Level II: Clandestine harassment to discredit and thwart

Note: clandestine means “hidden,” while covert means “deniable.”  The goal of clandestine harassment is to harass, exploit, entrap and discredit without the target or bystanders perceiving that the events are intentional, organized or connected to each other. They are executed in such a way as to not show anything amiss on surveillance video.

Behavioral scientists portray their ‘containment’ programs as being humane and completely undetectable by the target and therefore do not violate their rights. However Behavioral scientist know that people unconsciously treat stigmatized people differently and stigmatized people are acutely aware of this. Furthermore, researchers know that most people would be loathe to admit they are being targeted for psychological abuse because it’s embarrassing in a way that reporting rape is.

By simply by spreading gossip that plays on the righteous indignation of a group, researchers know they can cause real harm to the Target. Once they see that a group has turned on the target they can then entice them into engaging into intentional acts of harassment and even entrapment.

Level III: Covert containment harassment

The target has made an attempt to report the abuse to police or has attempting to discuss it someone. The are now a viewed as a whistle-blower and aggressive efforts are made to discrediting them in order to protect the individuals and groups involved.

Since the jig is up there is no longer a need to hide the abuse from the target and the frequency and intensity of the harassment can increases greatly and even turn into a bit of a sport, however concerted efforts continue to be made to avoid drawing the attention of bystanders or doing anything that would look amiss in a security video.

The use of mental health referrals is not just a threat against the individual but against anyone who attempts to help them as doing so would bring into question their judgment as well. The target is forced to investigate on their own putting them at even further risk because when these people are identified they quickly transition from righteous to dangerous. See Threat reports.

“Covert operations are planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor. It is normally financed by government revenues but in this age of super-empowered individuals and corporations they could become a common tool of power beyond traditional war and diplomacy. […] Covert operations are employed in situations where openly operating against a target would be disadvantageous. These operations are generally illegal in the target state and are frequently in violation of the laws of the sponsoring country. Operations may be directed at or conducted with allies and friends to secure their support for controversial components of foreign policy throughout the world. Covert operations may include sabotage, assassinations, support for coups d’état, or support for subversion. Tactics include the use of a false flag or front group.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covert_operation.

Level IV: Smack down to involuntarily commit

When the target attempts to take their complaints up the chain of command, dirty tricks are used to bring some sort of authoritative action against them either for a trumped up criminal offense, mental health referral or even involuntary commitment. 

There are many documented cases of the US government using mental health referrals and involuntary commitment against Federal employee whistle-blowers. What is not as well known is the US government use of mental health referrals to smack down private citizens. This is in large part due to legal agencies and the news media ignoring people who report abuse unless they have police reports to back them up. Government leaders understand this dynamic and are likely using Public Health channels to instruct government agencies to instead refer for mental health evaluations. See  Right to Represent, Bart Muller MD Public Health  and Operation Hat Trick.

After failing to illicit incriminating responses with years of race-baiting and attempts to entrap on malicious harassment the only thing they have been able to get me do is document and take photos. So this is now being used against me.

Although law enforcement will not take reports or even look at your evidence of group harassment, they will take reports on people ‘harassing families’. I’m only speaking about this openly now because I’ve already made the mistake of thinking it was okay to do document the use of children if they were being used in illegal activities. I’m sacrificing myself so that the community can learn what is being done and the full scope of the harassment.

Option 1: The fast and easy way

Drug and involuntarily commit: I thwarted an apparent attempt by researchers to drug and involuntarily commit me, just days after identifying an NIH research group from the University of Southern Maine. Police would not respond. See report Carcass Box

Option 2: The hard way

Generate public concern complaints: the idea is to get the targeted person to document the abuse and use this documenting of as evidence of mental health issues. I take notes and pictures to document the harassment. Where kids used to be used occasionally they are now commonly used. Where in the past, usually children too young to know what was going on were included, now I’m swarmed by teenagers with parents and Public Health workers observing.

Obtain cooperation of families: These reports are then used to obtain the cooperation of the target’s families to assist them in getting a mental health evaluation via involuntary commitment. They are likely told its best to assist in early intervention to avoid any potentially embarrassing events from occurring that could end up in the local news. My son has been was told by Bart Muller that I was being monitored because I was harassing families. See report Bart Muller, MD

The strange thing is that police have never contacted me about this. Why not? If I’m such a threat that Public Health Commissioners have organized swarms of families to harass me then why have the police not been called? I believe this is because they are continuing their attempt to get me to document the same family twice in one day to establish ‘stalking’. However, I now keep documenting families to very brief written notes and instead focus on trying to identify the Public Health workers or people outside the family clusters.

I also believe that local government agencies are simply kept in the dark as much as possible because public employees as well as the public are targets of Public Health witch hunts against any one profiled for non-conformity or who has ever been accused of bias.

Without help, the day will come when Public Health workers take hold of me and this will likely result my being administered drugs like BZ and ECT to render me unable to speak out.

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