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If it is true that conservatives, regardless of socio-economics, have a better track record of growing children into healthy, productive and happy adults, then why are liberals driving behavioral science research and public policy?

Much of what we’ve learned from behavioral evolution research validates conservative values when it comes the business of raising complex social animals. Conservatism correlates with sacrifice and self-control to ensure better quality, whereas being open and going with the flow, may sound ‘nice’ but it leads us in the opposite direction of where most of us want to go with our families. Most people, when given a choice of lifestyle, choose quality over quantity. I’m not saying that liberals should be routed from the social sciences, but that surely conservatives should stand at the helm of this ship.

Instead of pronouncements from the NIH on whether or not research validates this or that when it comes to public policy, these published studies should be ‘open source’ to the public who pay for the research and live with the decisions based on it.

Liberals dominate the education system and cultural media but despite all their rhetoric of a nicer world built on openness and social justice, meanness is spreading like an epidemic and even our children are engaging in vicious bullying.

Politics aside, what makes people mean? Coercive psychology being used to affect social ‘change’ rather than public dialog and communal consensus. Suppressed anger from not being able to speak openly and honestly. Being reduced to sycophants by affirming ideologies and people don’t truly believe in and that may in fact be harmful to you. Social stigma for non-conformance or reporting disconfirmming information to the true believers. Rigged social policies that foment racial conflict and then target people who report being adversely affected with harassment.

Are you a Liberal who has had to re-evaluate your values?

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