Religious leaders facilitating special interests masquerading as social justice

The Golden Ass

The Golden Ass

It is likely that DoJ Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties outreach programs provide legal cover for religious based non-profits such as the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment and the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations to use Fair Game tactics to route skin-heads from their communities by attacking them from every angle possible: technological snooping and hacking, financial exploitation, entrapment and psychological abuse.

To qualify for this legal protection, rogue groups wanting to suppresses political dissent, vigorously attempt to generate evidence of hostile bias with insidious baiting and provoking to prompt a backlash that can be used as ‘evidence’ against the target. These tactics are also used to simply inflict emotional distress to wear down and demoralize. When these tactics fail to provoke an adequate backlash using adults, children are included in the harassment to lower the bar. This puts people targeted at risk of being labeled paranoid and a potential danger to children if they attempt to document or report their presence in harassment events. So, not only to they have to be concerned about about entrapment but also involuntary commitment.



Furthermore, community resources for crime victims, including law enforcement are notified that the targeted person is being dealt with by a community intervention program under the direction of public health and to not take reports but instead to refer people to mental health. When I’ve pushed for police to take reports I’ve been threatened that a report will be filed against me and a Public Health involuntary commitment caseworker was sent to my door (see police reports Carcass Box, Public Health).

Anyone can be labeled hostile regardless of health. Anyone who is not hostile can be made hostile. Anyone can have their cardiovascular health threatened from years of extreme stress brought on by frequent and prolonged psychological abuse. Anyone who has challenged a powerful group or authority can find themselves targeted with covert harassment in the name of social justice and community well-being (see inducing acute stress).

These rogue groups are not simply trying to drive annoying people from their communities. Their goal is to stalk people from community to community and to utterly ruin the lives of people and their families. Once they get the new community involved they step back and let them do most of the work. This is passive murder by proxy. This is why I posted this blog. To educate the community (see A call for religious leaders to stop facilitating special interests masquerading as social justice).

Richard Dahlstrom - red house in Austria

Dahlstrom’s – Bible school in Austria (for other taking trips to Austria and Brazil see reports Attorneys from CILS and the Scharff Family)

Have religious institutions have been been given a bite of the DHS apple? If so, the incentives must be substantial indeed because activist seem to have no trouble getting them to go along with the harassment. Religious leaders are even adapting their theology to the new economy by wrapping the harassment in the language of religiosity and the need to ‘contain evil’ as an act of ‘love’. Could this be way we aren’t hearing moral outrage from religious leaders on violation of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties? (see Police Report: Bethany Community Church).

Please rethink these programs. People that have been targeted need to be debriefed to end the the nightmare and validate what has been happening to them for their sanity’s sake. Families of people that have had nervous breakdowns or have committed suicide need to be told what happened. Law enforcement and news journalists are not going to believe target’s themselves. The truth has to come from first hand witnesses and non-profits have been on the front lines of this abuse.

“I exclude the enemy from the community of humans”
Where do you see yourself in Volf’s admission?
— pastor Richard Dahlstrom’s Colors of Hope workbook

“Containment of evil is an act of love and justice for the whole of creation,
eventuating in blessing and fullness of life for all who are willing to receive it.”

— pastor Richard Dahlstrom’s Come to judge sermon

“Because of the demons that had been driven into them,
the Gentile swine became agitated and were driven to their suicide into the water”
– — pastor Richard Dahlstrom’s Pork Roast Sermon
Note: this phrase is edited out of his audio recording but you’ll get the gist hearing the rest of it….

“In the story of the demon-possessed man,
we learn that setting people free can be confusing and costly.
What gets in the way of your participation in the deliverance of others?”
— pastor Richard Dahlstrom’s Pork Roast Sermon

Dahlstrom is not about social justice, he’s half Jewish and seeking to make a name himself in the halls of social justice as a Martin Luther type change agent transforming the mission of Christianity into that of ‘avenger crusaders’ for the State of Israel.

He is targeting people who simply are critical of Jews and Israel or who support immigration reform, a topic Jews have a keen interest in but want to keep a low public profile. Jews and Israel should as open to criticism as any other group. There is no place in a free society for sacred cows. Dahlstrom is evidence of this. Those who facilitate this movement risk loosing their identity altogether.

Have you had experience with this group or similar groups?

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