Mission statement

NIH Logic Model adapted for disparities

NIH Logic Model adapted for disparities

“Power does not corrupt men;
fools, however,
if they get into a position of power,
corrupt power.”
— George Bernard Shaw

Expose: My mission is to expose and eliminate the practice of liberal activists exploiting Public Health and Civil Rights programs as a ruse to suppress political dissent.

Rethink: To reach out to well-intentioned but grossly misguided community members who’ve been recruited into the abuse through religious-based non-profits and social justice activism and who may not know the truth about how and why someone gets targeted, the degree of the harassment and the interests behind it. I encourage you to collect your own hard evidence and contact victims, law enforcement and the media.

Outreach: To reach out to other victims and encourage them to collect evidence and report.

Single source database: To create a single source centralized database where members of the public can look themselves up or report if they believe a member of the community may be a target of abusive research no matter how distant these researchers might be based. People should be able to look up all human subject research that has gone on in their communities both public and private. All publications on human subject research should be made available ‘open source.’

This data base should include contact information for reporting potential abuses. While the details of complaints may not necessarily be made public to protect the privacy of individuals these data bases should indicate the number, demographics of people reporting issues and nature the of their complaints.

Public Forum: This same system should link to a public forum where  where people can comment on research that they either witnessed or are critical of and to report abuses or concerns. Communities in which research takes place should have the opportunity to publicly meet with lead researchers and discuss the research.

Public disclosure on tactics: To create mandatory ‘open source’ public disclosure of tactics sanctioned by government agencies for community investigating and community interventions, so that people can identify tactics they have witnessed and reference them when reporting abuses, ie coercive psychology, testing for bias, social undermining, social buffering, socially engineered pretexts, street theater, fear conditioning (gas-lighting), etc.

Sea Change for the APA:  the  American Psychological Association which has a long history of having participated in and facilitated coercive, abusive and unethical human subject research on adults and children. This organization and its structure need to be examine for ways to ensure transparency to prevent future corruption and to promote into positions of leadership people who are themselves representative of families and groups with exemplary tracks records in raising children in to productive happy adults. Perhaps these need to an appointed positions.

Special investigation the DIMPAC report: The mass monitoring, analysis and coercive persuasion tactics and technologies being developed by the Department of Defense demonstrates a keen interest in this area and that’s worth investing $100 million of each year. This information is being shared with and used by business and community partnerships. Tax payers have a right to be educated about these tactics and how to resist them and have therapies developed to help people who’ve been abused. http://saskiawhistleblower.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/thought-police-technology/

Margaret Singer witnessed these tactics being used in clinical settings and was concerned about their potential use by groups other than just cults. She was right. How these forces came together to not only smack down the DIMPAC report but to also attempt to destroy the career of anyone associated with it is a highly valuable lesson the American public needs to learn regarding the field of behavioral science. In a free society there should be no need of sacred cows or blind trust. Behavioral Science should be held to the same scrutiny as any other field if it is true that people are people the world over then we should expect psychologists to be no exception to this rule.

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