Novice Republican



In 2008 I voted for Sarah Palin marking my shift from Democrat to Republican.

As a Democrat in California, I’d voted for all the immigrant friendly legislation believing that if business had to pay extra taxes for them, then there would be less incentive to hire illegals, but this only only opened the flood gates to more illegal immigration. I’ve helped create the monster that is now hounding me to my death, however this monster is not Hispanic. Instead it appears to be primarily Jewish interests who want to keep a low profile on immigration politics (see Bethany Community Church, DieBierstube, Kettlehouse) and liberal academics, some of whom appear to have come into the country as students and then stayed on borrowed passports that allowed them to work and travel while waiting for US citizenship applications to process (see report Bart MullerRight to Represent, Operation Hat Trick)

Another misunderstanding I had was with the word ‘Liberal’ thinking that it meant it was okay to hold different view points and lifestyles as long as my rights were not infringed upon. Although I grew up in a liberal world, I’ve never begrudged conservatives their values or viewed them negatively. After all, when I looked at my own extended family or my working class neighborhood, children from conservative families seemed to be better nurtured and protected. What Liberal really means is to make oneself open to exploitation and to spout affirmations on demand or be judged intolerant and hostile. Curiously, those most militant in their demands for ideological conformity are not so themselves behind closed doors. Why the facade?

In 2008 was the first time I voted Republican, explaining to my humorless liberal friends that I like Sarah Palin’s hair. Mitt Romney is looking real good for 2012.

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