Reinforcing Liberal ideology in the classroom

When I was in grammar school learning civics, the teacher impressed upon us that it was inappropriate for her to discuss her personal politics or religion at work. Today that teacher is likely to say the same thing, however she is also likely to encourage students to have an open discussion about their own views. Views considered ‘open’ will be reinforced as tolerant, accepting and kind and encouraged while those that are ‘closed’ will be discouraged as disrespectful and unkind – and not tolerated in polite society (see the politics of hostility).

In this manner politically motivated educators are using applied psychology to incrementally shape our children’s views on what are and are not acceptable view points and speech. By the time they reach adulthood they’ve been conditioned to expect to see people shunned, led out of the room or out of the public eye for voicing conservative views (Pat Buchanan & Lou Dobbs), expressing of fear (Juan Williams), defensive anger (Helen Thomas) or reporting adverse affects of liberal policies (see Why I was targeted).

Young adults don’t recognize this as suppression of free speech; they see it as social justice.

When I explained to a Seattle Times reporter that I was being harassed in the workplace and in the community based on my support for immigration control, she responded, “Well, you put out something negative and they responded to you negatively…” So, it’s okay to stalk people to their deaths if you disagree with them?

Are children who voice conservative views subsequently more likely to experience lower academic achievement and behavioral problems in schools? Is there a correlation between bullying and open discussions? Does this affect their parent’s businesses or jobs?

With schools failing to educate, overcrowded classrooms, an epidemic of vicious bullying and children failing in life, what do Liberals have to show for these efforts? The need for in-sourcing and out-sourcing to make up for the lack of a skilled workforce? Bravo!

For an overview of applied psychology see

Have you ever regretted participating in ‘open discussions’?

Documentary – BF Skinner – classroom

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