You took my joy: Bullying in the land of freedom and happiness

you took my joy

you took my joy

My research into harassment networks has led to the realization that most of the increasingly toxic racial interactions I’ve experienced over the past 20 years are a direct result of the Progressive movement’s attempt to ‘change’ American culture by driving biased research and public policies that systemically reinforce liberal ideology and while punishing non-conformists or those who report being adversely affected by labeling them hostile and targeting them with harassment.

Progressives are silencing dissent on par with the most repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in the world. This form of social control is making people angry and resentful and they are acting out against each other. This behavior shaping begins in the classroom (see Reinforcing Liberal ideology in the classroom).

America feels ever more hostile is because it is more hostile.

Psychological manipulation makes people angry and resentful. There evidence of this all around with an epidemic of vicious bullying among school children. Police are engaging in aggression at rates never seen before. One in four black men are in prison. Suicide rates for white women are up 18% in the past decade, though typically during times of war the rates go down all groups. Retaliation harassment in the workplace is up by 1/3. If unchecked immigration and liberal ideology permeating our culture were indeed the making for happiness shouldn’t we all be doing better and feeling better?

Children do what they see. When educators hold open classroom discussions on social issues for the purpose of profiling children and subjecting them to psychological manipulation, they are not teaching tolerance, they are teaching bullying.

People prefer positive to negative attention, but prefer negative attention to being ignored. When political dissidents are isolated for expressing views in socially acceptable ways, they are likely to look for alternative avenues to express themselves. Statistics showing a rise in ‘extremism’ may actually be inflated by people who are simply seeking out others to exchange ideas with.

I’m not suffering from depression or delusions, I’m standing up to oppression and I’m being smacked down.

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