2nd gen MK-COINTELPRO: would you like domestic spies with that?

2nd generation MK-ULTRA and COINTELPRO = Mac Cointelpro

2nd generation MK-ULTRA and COINTELPRO

I’m the target of fair game harassment by liberal progressive activists because I’ve spoken out in support of immigration reform in 2003 and have filed complaints with the Seattle Civil Rights Commission 2007 and with the Seattle/King County in 2009 reporting problems resulting from of flawed policies based on politicized social science research. See Why I was targeted.

Public Health researchers have determined my views to be hostile and that my complaint letters are acts of aggression and that I therefore pose a threat to domestic security. Once people are thus labeled, politically motivated, savvy activists can exploit DoJ civil rights outreach programs and the Patriot Act to neutralize threats to the well-being of the community.

The harassment involves monitoring private communications and using tidbits gathered to wage a covert campaign of psychological torture where people are baited and provoked in an attempt to entrap them on malicious harassment and thus validate the monitoring programs. Because the harassment mimics the target’s communications, their evidence of abuse points back to them and it is easy enough for people to conclude that they simply have an over active imagination or mental health issues.

The harassment is designed to not show anything amiss if observed by bystanders or captured on surveillance video. Police are instructed to not take reports and refer to mental health. Attempts to take complaints up the chain of command to the Police Chief are countered with involuntary commitment caseworkers leaving their card at your door step as a warning. Without a police report, people are unable to obtain restraining orders to protect themselves and are denied assistance from victim’s advocate agencies.

Evidence of conspiracy to harass is established overtime by identifying people and linking them to the same organization as other people from other events. Harassment this highly developed strongly suggests that the program is second generation merging of  MK-ULTRA and COINTELPRO programs or as I affectionately call it MK-COINTELPRO (pronounced Mac Cointelpro).

The second generation attempts to make these programs right, by associating activities with social justice and benign flash mobs with a message (street theater) and thereby perverting the very groups people would normally turn to for help when their governments abuse and use their power to thwart justice. These programs are also believed to be incentivized. While progressive non-profits are pro-actively recruited, conservative religious leaders are not likely invited to this party unless a target attempts to associate with them.

Once a religious leader has taken a bite of this apple and has encouraged their members to participate in activities that would be seen as abhorrent and reprehensible by the general population, it would be all but impossible for them to attempt to expose the programs without completely discrediting themselves and the reputations of their members and would likely experience a backlash from other community groups.

Warning to businesses and religious leaders: once you allow operatives to monitor your employees or allow your members to participate in these activities you’ve lost control of your organization.

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