Conservatives, know thy behavioral evolution!

Darwin and Jesus

Darwin and Jesus

Having a BA in Anthropology with a focus on Human Behavior and Evolution provides me a certain degree of confidence in challenging liberal ideologies. Behavioral evolution is not social engineering nor is it rocket science. It compares behaviors across groups and species that already exist and attempts to provide universal answers to how those behaviors evolved. Much of what has been discovered about human behavior affirms that conservative values are more likely to productive and happy humans in a given environment. So why are Liberals driving social science research and public policy?

My understanding of behavioral evolution led me to shifted from liberal to a more conservative outlook.

Conservatives should not only embrace behavioral evolution but take ownership of it and demand an overhaul and re-balancing of the social sciences. Review the research for yourselves. Just because homosexuality has a ‘natural’ biological basis, doesn’t mean gays should be driving social science research or heading social institutions. Almost universally, cultures put some restrictions on gays and transgenders. The question is why and what happens when they don’t. Just because a few countries are now changing their laws is not proof that this is the right thing to do, only time will tell if these are ultimately good policies. Note:  a woman’s control of her reproductive rights correlates to the well being and success of the entire family. Also, a little female sexual selection is the ultimate male enhancement.

Freedom is knowing the truth and making your own decisions.

The change we need in the US is teach ourselves how to think freely not just wave the flag. Thinking in right or wrong, all or nothing terms is dangerous. Adults and children need to learn how to defend themselves with vigorous debate and learn how to realize when when we’re off track and redirect ourselves with honor and dignity, instead of swallowing the bullshit that the road to enlightenment is to open your mind till your brains fall out.

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