Show us the research!

In the past decade social sciences been merging ideologically with biological sciences bringing them out of realm of soft science navel gazing and into the realm of hard science. Behavioral evolution is not social engineering. It studies behaviors across groups and species that already exist and attempts to explain them in terms of concepts that don’t fall apart at the border.

Exceptions to universal behavioral patterns are tied directly to specific environmental niches and should not be taken as evidence that these exceptions will be functional for all groups to adopt. For example, almost all groups have restrictions on gays indicating a significant need for these restrictions, exceptions do no prove it’s a good idea in all situations. This is not about being mean spirited and Democracy is not about Progressives blowing smoke and deciding what’s best for the rest of us.

Behavioral evolution affirms conservative values when it comes to raising children into productive and happy adults and demonstrates that for altruism to thrive it requires conserving resources and degrees of preferential treatment towards ones own group. Unchecked immigration and population growth doesn’t lead to world love; it leads to cruelty and indifference. Doling out benefits without accountability doesn’t improve people’s behavior; it fosters a laziness and a sense of entitlement. Providing a free education without enforcing a national standard leads to bad schools and a substandard workforce resulting in both employers and parents looking for alternatives.

My political shift towards the Middle and eventually to the Right of Center came as a result of several factors: my education in Behavioral Evolution which affirms Conservative values for raising children into productive happy adults and demonstrates that for altruism to thrive it needs have a degree of selectivity towards ones own group whereas indiscriminate altruism leads eventually to indifference; the disgrace of American employers being forced to hire H-1B visas to supplement not a lack of manpower to meet demand but to make up for schools failing under the burden of unchecked immigration which has also canceled out the public benefits for the rest of the citizens in practicing sustainable birth control; the hysteria against any form of border control or national testing standards; reckless public policies based on politicized behavioral and social science research that fosters social conflict and a culture of hostile indifference towards whites and a booming prison industry to hide the collateral damage of our progressively unraveling social fabric.

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